Zoe beautifully blends folk-tinged guitar melodies with a dreamy, ethereal vocal delivery to create an atmospheric release.  A buttery concoction, her sound is totally addictive, providing the perfect soundtrack to ease the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster” - Earmilk

TORONTO, ON – April 26, 2023 – Today, alternative singer-songwriter, Zoe Sky Jordan, releases her first full length album, Selfish - produced by music industry veteran, Liam Russell, and mixed by Rob Shnapf (Kurt Vile, Elliot Smith and Micah Tawlks (COIN, Louis Prince). Listen  here.  Zoe and her band will celebrate the release with an LA Show at Genghis Cohen, supported by Bella Porter and promoted by Sid The Cat, on May 5.

A self-proclaimed “chronic bullshit detector”, Zoe Sky Jordan, does a deep dive on her album, Selfish – delving headfirst into the pain points and uncertainty of being a 30-something female. In an era when women are expected to excel both professionally and personally, she examines the reality of what we’re calling freedom, autonomy and progress for women, wondering if the choices are actually better, or just have better branding, when the reality remains that this generation still faces the same double standard as its predecessor.

Every song in this collection is a gem. Musically influenced by the grooves and melodies of the 90s songs which shaped her ear as a young girl, Zoe is a consummate storyteller who packs a powerful punch of observation and emotional reflection into each of the 12 songs that make up  her latest album. 

Wanting nothing makes you useless to men / Who trade your youth and your time for their children / Love and desire interchange, just like the bitch and the whole and the saint/ I’m introducing myself like a stranger / After seeing my body in the mirror / Down to the dollar I know what it’s worth / I’m gonna cash out while it still works

The lyrics from the title track Selfish were written before Roe V Wade was overturned, around the time of her 30th birthday. After 10 years of working predominately with men in studios and at shows, Zoe felt an impending doom. “I didn’t have a 30-year-old version of me to look up to, someone who was married and wants kids but also doesn’t want to miss a beat in their career,” she reflects. “The narrative was always ‘that I would feel differently once I had kids’ - the insinuation being that there’s something beyond my own free will, intrinsic in being a woman that would bring me back to domesticity. No matter what I think is best for me, these are the laws of nature.” At the time she wrote those lyrics, Zoe says “I felt like I was being a little hyperbolic, but in retrospect I think I was responding to the rumblings of what was about to happen.”

The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Maya Fuhr (set for release on May 3) which gives a behind-the-scenes look at making a music video as an independent artist and pays homage to Zoe's mother, singer-songwriter Amy Sky’s music video, I Will Take Care Of You.  Don’t let the anthemic, earworm chorus deceive you, the song goes deep, delivering an unsettling lyrical observation - “Decades after the feminists won / Women do whatever they want / As long as you’re thin and the house is clean/ You can be whoever you want to be”.

Zoe’s lyrical gift is to peer under the relationship rocks most people leave unturned. Just Fine illustrates her natural pop sensibilities, with its stand-out melody and sinewy groove - I’ve heard something about / Where I get the money / I’ve heard something about every woman I’ve ever met / And at a certain point / It’s gotta be easier / To stand on her shoulders / Than sit on his lap /  They say sittings the new smoking so there’s that.

Love Me is a cascade of  nonstop sing along hooks; the lyrics speaking to the identity issues facing her generation. Zoe examines the dilemma posed to those struggling to find themselves in a world obsessed with the idea that self -esteem Nirvana is one self help webinar away. She posits that the cost of change can be disenfranchisement from one’s authentic self, and it can make love and acceptance conditional on a high-maintenance manicured personality.

Enjoying this album brings about the same feeling of catching up with an old friend who’s been through the wringer, and has come out the other side. Cautionary tales, peppered with hopeful silver linings that everything’s gonna get figured out.

1. Selfish
2. Just Fine
3. Achievement of Youth
4. Cooler Than I Am
5. Love Me
6. Hands Off The Wheel
7. Crazy Too
8. Misery
9. Why
10. Sundown
11. More Than Ever
12. Rosh Hashanah

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Zoe Sky Jordan has seen great experiences and career highlights, having shared the stage with the likes of Marlon Williams, Ohmme, Madi Diaz, Molly Pardon, Savannah Conley, Andrew Combs, Jezzie Baylin and more. She enjoys collaborating with artists in all genres and in 2020 she teamed up with Kayobe (Cadence Music) for his track, No Sympathy, which was the lead single off his album, and Nashville folk darling, Robby Hecht, for his song Ferris Wheel. TOPIARY, her 2015 EP charted in the top 10 at U.S. college radio and won a CSC award for the music video for Powerlines, one of the album's first singles. You know Zoe from a myriad of tv placements her songs have had including Lost Girl, Riverdale, Finding Carter, Less Than Kind, Hockey Night in Canada and Hallmark. Her covers of True Colors and Love Is All Around were featured in Canadian Tire's award-winning Christmas ads two years in a row.