zensei ゼンセー SHARES destination heartbreak pt. 2 EP VIA MONSTERCAT



TORONTO, ON – February 10, 2023 – Today, Vancouver-based record producer and multi-instrumentalist, zensei ゼンセー (ZEN-say), releases his beautiful, lo-fi-leaning EP, destination heartbreak pt. 2, out today via Monstercat. A follow up to destination heartbreak pt. 1 EP, which was shared in November, this new three-song collection is an instrumental trip down memory lane that explores the artist’s past memories of heartbreak, as well as being put back together. Putting his multifaceted talents on full display, he fuses old and personal audio and video clips throughout the package. Listen to destination heartbreak pt. 2 EP here.

zensei ゼンセー shares, “destination heartbreak pt.2 is the ‘heartbreak’ part of the series. It slowly morphs into a sad tone, which really describes a moment in my life. It is inspired by when I was going into my younger years, going into relationships prematurely, knowing those decisions would tear me apart.”
The full-length destination heartbreak LP is due this spring. For the recording, zensei ゼンセー buried himself in old files and hunted passionately for samples to use, finding himself going through old computer files and photos to draw inspiration. “I did this all in my own home while sulking in my old memories,” zensei ゼンセー adds. “Every track has a meaning to me that warps me back in time to an exact moment. The memories feel so real to me, that I can still see it vividly in my head and smell the air around me.”
Stay tuned as the destination heartbreak adventure unfolds this spring.

destination heartbreak pt. 2 Tracklist:
1. dreaming of you too
2. just friends
3. destination heartbreak

About zensei ゼンセー:

zensei (better known as Vancouver-based artist, Dillon Wong, a.k.a. Eminence) is a talented Asian Canadian music producer who specializes in creating lo-fi hip hop beats. He is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing the piano, bass, and guitar. He began his musical journey at a young age, taking guitar lessons from his father and developing a love for music production. As he grew older, zensei began experimenting with different music genres, eventually finding his passion in lo-fi hip hop. He began creating beats in his home studio, using samples and live instrumentation to create a unique sound. His music quickly gained popularity online, with many praising his ability to blend traditional Asian influences with modern hip hop beats.

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