TORONTO, ON – September 8, 2023 – Up-and-coming 22-year-old, Tommy Richman, releases his latest EP, THE RUSH, today via PULSE Records x ISO Supremacy. The five-track EP traces the emotional turmoil of a relationship in distress, encompassing emotions ranging from frustration, desire, to rage and lust. This release follows the announcement earlier this month that Richman has become the first signee to launch the joint venture between PULSE Records and ISO Supremacy, the newly founded label and creative agency by artist Brent Faiyaz. Listen to THE RUSH here
“Putting out THE RUSH feels like an emotional release to me. It’s a lot of pent up energy that I’ve been ready to show the world. – I made a lot of these songs at the lowest point in my life, no money, no stability, no support, I stayed on my friend Jonah’s couch for six months working on this project. I still listen back excited every time I hear these songs,” says Richman.
THE RUSH begins with MESSY, a brooding yet boppy number that channels classic R&B vocal harmonies and melodies intricately layered over contemporary beats, creating a slick, smooth musical landscape. As the EP progresses, GLOCK 25 ft. Zachary Moon brings in a slower tempo, contrasting sharply against the velvety vocal production that viscerally illustrates the tension between love and frustration. The EP concludes on an upbeat note with DEMONS and PRAY 2 U, with the latter combining all the elements of a potential viral TikTok sensation. Driven by a solid disco groove, the danceable beat leads into a sweeping chorus that fills the sonic space, creating a catchy, glimmering, slick atmosphere.
Hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia, Richman demonstrates a genius ability to blend and bend various genres into a signature sound, creating expansive and moody tracks that encompass influences from disco and indie pop to R&B and hip-hop. His sound, while deeply rooted in alt hip-hop foundations, seamlessly incorporates elements of alt rap and house/bounce influences. Richman channels the emotive depths of R&B into his songs, crafting tracks that invite listeners to dance while simultaneously tapping into an underlying world of emotions.

Faiyaz first debuted Richman to his world via the release of the visually stunning Jackie Brown music video earlier this month, where Richman is seen clinking glasses at a table with Faiyaz and his crew as they dine with beautiful women. This initial feature marked Richman's introduction as the inaugural artist for Faiyaz’s newly created label ISO Supremacy (an acronym for 'In Search Of Supremacy') as they join forces with legendary PULSE Music Group to establish a new paradigm in the music industry.

“In launching my new label ISO Supremacy and partnering with PULSE Records, we’ve created this platform to give artists like Tommy Richman a creative home with the ability to scale global impact and a team that is accessible who keeps creativity at the forefront. We’re going to continue to make history,” comments Faiyaz.

Richman is currently opening for Faiyaz on the sold out F*ck The World, It’s A Wasteland! Tour, which continues through November 2023 and was reviewed by Miami New Times as having a “genuine and lighthearted approach to live performances.” The synergy of this tour, combined with the release of the EP and Richman's landmark inauguration of ISO Supremacy, underscore a powerful launch into a new phase of Richman’s creative journey. Undoubtedly, these converging events set the stage for Richman to solidify his dominance in the music world. Follow Tommy Richman via Instagram for more news.
3. GLOCK 25 ft Zachary Moon
5. PRAY 2 U

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Musician, Tommy Richman, blends music genres based on feeling and impulse; his vocals come from the heart, not pen and paper. As a DIY artist, several of Richman’s songs have streamed into the millions, including the warm and lush melody of ELECTRIFY TONIGHT, the punchy Games, and the frantic glitchiness of Chrono Trigger. His diverse catalog reflects a broad scope of abilities and moods. “I feel like I switch up my style every four months,” Richman notes. The artist does not overthink his direction or classification. Instead, he creates from the heart with intention and care. That authenticity attracted multi-platinum artist, Brent Faiyaz, whose new imprint, ISO Supremacy, now backs Richman along with PULSE Records. 
Named after the famed Mötley Crüe drummer, Richman seemed destined for music. He grew up just 30 minutes outside Washington, D.C., in Woodbridge, Virginia. Deeply rooted in his local music community, Richman took a risk. In early 2022, he relocated to Los Angeles. The move changed his life. There, he recorded Games and mynameisntjmack collaboration, BUNKER/PREROLL, songs garnering millions of listens. Faiyaz’s team heard and presented this music, leading to Tommy's signing. THE RUSH shows range, depth, and emotion. “I mix genres of music, but I make it make sense with a great curated experience.”