TORONTO, ON – April 28, 2023 – It’s the sound of a song you half remember. A shiver of remembrance, tingling along your spine. A glimpse of a now-scratched record. You pause, reaching into the dark recess of memory, returning with the sensation you’ve forgotten what you once knew... until you realize: there was no recollection to be found. That innate feeling of sense memory shines through beautifully on Sleepy Jean’s brand new track, Lonely As I Can Be – the lead single from her forthcoming new album, set to arrive this summer. Listen to Lonely As I Can Be here today, and watch the accompanying music video here.

"Recorded while watching the gentle sway of someone mopping the floors of a breakfast joint across the street, Lonely As I Can Be is a melancholy meditation on the meaning of loneliness,” Sleepy Jean shares.

The evocative feeling of loneliness that blankets the track is all the more poignant when heard through the lens of the new album’s overall concept.

“As we were piecing the album together, I started to realize how much I had drawn from my father’s family story lyrically,” Sleepy Jean reflects.  “My dad was born in Uganda to Parsi parents (ethnically Persian people of Zoroastrian faith who fled what is now known as Iran in the 7th, landing in India) in the mid-60s. When Idi Amin came into power in the early 70s, my bupawaiji (grandfather) was placed on a hit list as he was smuggling political enemies out of the country, and was part owner in the first major bus company operating in Kampala – Uganda’s capital. My father’s family fled to India and were never able to return to Uganda.

Lonely As I Can Be is told from my bupawaiji’s viewpoint, as he sent the family away ahead of himself, and stayed behind trying to take out as much money as he could.”

Sleepy Jean’s spaghetti western-infused Americana reimagines the sounds of yesteryear in a blend all her own. Hailing from Welland, ON, Sleepy Jean – the moniker/alter-ego of singer-songwriter Katey Gatta – independently released her debut EP, Idle Hands, amassing over 100,000 cumulative streams. Now armed with her backing band, the Deadstock Three (featuring members of TALK, Cat Clyde’s Shitbats, and alumni of Great Lake Swimmers, Jill Barber and Deep Dark Woods), Sleepy Jean is thrilled to begin sharing the new music from her soon-to-be released debut full-length.

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