Toronto, ON – March 14, 2023 – Following Sapphire and Tourmaline, Montreal-based genre-bending artist Aether unveils his stunning four-track EP, Moonstone, out on Monstercat today. Inspired by the way gemstones evolve into new formations, he produced each track in order - transforming the previous track’s foundation into the next, reflecting the crystalline evolution process. 

Continuing to connect his music with astral elements of nature, the title track is reminiscent of moonlit walks, leading with lush ambient pads and charming piano chords. Aquamarine ushers in the preceding tracks’ percussive and bass elements while giving listeners an oceanic listening experience through waves of soothing hums and shimmering synthwork. Arriving as a celebration to Aether’s tenth year of making music, the EP also allowed him to overcome musical challenges in his pursuit of creating ambient-leaning sounds for the first time. 

Aether shares, “I hope listeners can at the very least take away a pleasant listening experience. Deeper than this, I hope that it can help people explore outside of their comfort zone. I am a strong believer that life happens outside of your comfort zone and I think this EP is a testament to what kind of unexpected beauty that can lead to.”

Moonstone highlights Aether’s lauded producing and composing capabilities that range from lofi to contemporary over the years. His records and compositions have landed in popular video games titles and have amassed millions of streams, all while overcoming his Retinitis Pigmentosa diagnosis - a rare eye disease that breaks down cells in the eye, leaving him legally blind. He shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to unfold new musical creations and explore different soundscapes that fans can look forward to hearing soon.

Moonstone EP Tracklist
1. Moonstone
2. Aquamarine
3. Sapphire
4. Tourmaline

DOWNLOAD - Press Photo | DOWNLOAD - Moonstone EP Artwork 

About Aether (pronounced A-ther – He/Him)
Jason Taylor, better known under the name Aether, is a Scottish music producer, composer, and sound designer. With a passion for sound in all forms, his work covers a diverse range of palettes including contemporary piano, ambient works, and electronic dance music.

Growing up with a music loving family, he was always exposed to new genres and sounds. This led him to an early love and appreciation for music. Entering the world with a visual impairment, Retinitis Pigmentosa, resulted in Aether spending a lot of his teenage years exploring the world of music production and composition in his bedroom. 

In 2013, the Aether project was born. Spanning a decade-long career, his ever expanding portfolio continues to grow and evolve  through new styles, new instruments, and new ideas.

"The focus is always on telling a story. Once that story presents itself to me, I do whatever I can to see it exist. Very rarely does this happen and I already have what I need." -Aether