Toronto, ON – January 27, 2023 – Songwriter and indie artist, quinnie, shares a brand-new single entitled flounder today. Stream flounder here and watch the music video here. It also heralds the arrival of her highly awaited debut album, flounder, on February 24. Pre-order/pre-save flounder here.
About the song and the record, quinnie said, "flounder is a song that contrasts the beauty and mystery of nature and history with the modern world. This song expresses a want to devolve back into a fish, a flounder to be exact, and enjoy life from a simpler perspective - the bottom of the ocean. flounder is the title track off of my debut album, encapsulating the album’s peaks and valleys of trying to be a trusting person in a world that often feels heavy."
On the track, lithely picked guitar wraps around a glitchy almost-threadbare beat punctuated by swells of strings and gleaming toy piano. Her ethereal delivery wades through this hazy aquatic soundscape as she declares, “I’m a flounder.” The track builds towards an eye-opening and empowering realization, “And I’m happy I can be myself instead of somebody else. I’d never trade the beauty that I’ve seen.” The visual continues a tradition of captivatingly quirky clips as it brings her words to life in the most gleefully unusual of ways.
Flounder consists of 11 tracks laced with her unapologetic lyrical candor, expressive instrumentation, and dreamy beat-craft. Among many highlights, her breathy intonation echoes listlessly on security question as she confesses, “Wish I could make a friend today.” The vocals sink into distant guitar on the nostalgic popcorn and juice, while jake’s car caps off the LP with a weirdly wonderful send-off, “Cuz I borrow Jake’s car, cuz I’d drive but I can’t afford it, YET.” Plus, it boasts her breakout touch tank and the fan favourites, man and itch, which have cumulatively tallied 30 million-plus streams. 
So far, quinnie has incited the applause of The New York Times, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, Ones To Watch, and more. Now, she jumps into the deep end with flounder…
As a self-described “very sensitive 21-year-old, quinnie went from writing songs as a kid to releasing independent projects such as a gold star in 2019. She is bitingly funny, she is brutally honest, she loves the underwater world and sea creatures, and she will help you escape if you let her. 
flounder Track List:
1. man
2. security question
3. itch
4. touch tank
5. popcorn and juice
6. get what u want
7. emblem
8. better
9. promised
10. flounder
11. jake’s car

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