quinnie RELEASES TWO TRACK HOLIDAY BUNDLE TITLED thank you wisdom angel i love you

INCLUDES COVER OF silver bells
AND AN ORIGINAL silver second


Toronto, ON – November 18, 2022 – Songwriter and indie artist, quinnie, is easing into the holiday spirit with a two-track holiday bundle titled thank you wisdom angel i love you. It includes a cover of the Christmas classic, silver bells, and an original that she wrote when considering the bittersweet nature of the holiday season, called silver second. Listen and watch the lyric videos here.
Of silver second quinnie says, “I wrote this about the holiday season, watching yourself and your family get older, being present, and savoring the rare moments when everyone gets to be in the same room once a year.” 
Prior to this announcement, quinnie has released a steady stream of music, with most recent offering being itch. The New York Times was effusive in their praise of itch noting, quinnie’s “…mixture of tentativeness and bold declaration, bedroom-pop intimacy and multitrack craftsmanship.” Listen to itch here and watch the video here.
Regarding itch, quinnie says, “this song is about how i used to be scared of falling in love because i enjoy longing for things and people. found out you’ll know u really love somebody if loving them feels even better than wanting them.”
Prior to itch, quinnie released man, which was the first follow up to her breakout track, touch tank. Initially turning heads when a 23-second snippet made waves across TikTok, the success of touch tank translated to Spotify and Apple Music where quinnie has amassed over 22 million streams combined. Pitchfork noted, “She pairs verses recorded with the raw intimacy of an iPhone voice note with… a bedroom-pop chorus that fuses eroticism and romance, going on to hail it as “an affectionate homage to a new love that feels like a breath of freshwater.
As a self-described “very sensitive 21-year-old,” quinnie went from writing songs as a kid to releasing independent projects, such as a gold star, in 2019. She is bitingly funny, she is brutally honest, she loves the underwater world and sea creatures, and she will help you escape if you let her. It’s already happened with touch tank, and she’ll continue to open up her world with more music to come in 2022 and beyond.

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