Toronto, ON – February 15, 2023 – Canadian hip-hop trailblazer, Mouraine, prepares to shine in 2023 with his first single of the year, Gold. The song evokes the inner and outer glow of realizing self-worth and pursuing potential to the highest degree. Gold gleams with the announcement of Mouraine's forthcoming album, In Search of Gold, set for release May 5 via Birthday Cake Records, setting the foundation of what's ahead for the innovative Sudan-born, Edmonton-raised artist. Listen to Goldhere.

Produced by Western Canadian Music Award (WCMA) winning producer-engineer duo, deadmen (Begonia, Ashleigh Ball, Royal Canoe), Gold moves with a melodious beat and Mouraine's clever rhyme and verse. Sharp, metaphorical and resonant with uplifting messages, Gold is a soundtrack for recognizing your value and using your gifts to personify your dreams. 

"Gold is the perfect post-reaction once you discover your true worth as an artist and a human being," Mouraine says. "Once you know your capabilities and have reached an unexplainable state of belief in yourself, there is no such thing as settling for anything less than gold."

The video for Gold was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park, California and directed by Mat Dunlap and assisted by Kevin Manning.  Mouraine traverses the desert terrain to claim his throne - and spin gold records - beneath a warm west coast sun. This is a reminder to never settle, no matter the time or the setting. Watch Gold here


“Making this video with Mouraine was a rad project for me. Mouraine is such a cool guy that I knew my job would be to keep it simple and let his vibes do the heavy lifting. He said he wanted a gold throne in the desert, and I could instantly picture it with the song," adds Mat Dunlap. "We hiked the throne way out to the middle of nowhere and had a great day just letting loose to the song and enjoying our surroundings. I think the finished video does a great job of capturing Mouraine’s natural swagger that you hear on the track." 

Gold marks a grand entrance into a new era of Mouraine, and drives the energy for In Search of Gold. For the album, Mouraine worked with deadmen (Matt Peters & Matt Schellenberg) to craft new sounds, showcase Mouraine's growth as an artist, and create a sonic representation of Mouraine's life journey.

"I’ve always thought that chasing possessions were going to fulfill me. But I realized that to find gold is to find your purpose, peace, and happiness, and that’s what this album means to me," he adds. 

Audiences both familiar, or newly introduced, to Mouraine's catalogue and unparalleled stage presence will witness In Search of Gold as a byproduct of years of hard work, determination and talent, failure and loss. This album comes with as much triumph and accomplishment as it does challenge and vulnerability. 

Mouraine will be rocking JUNOFest in his hometown of Edmonton next month on March 12 at 99Ten, followed by a debut at FOCUS Wales Festival in Wrexham, UK in May. Find all details below. Learn more about Mouraine's career below, connect with him online and stay tuned for more music as he blazes his path. 

May 4-6: FOCUS Wales Festival - Wrexham, UK 

March 12: JUNOFest @ 99Ten - Edmonton, AB - Tickets

About Mouraine:
Born in Sudan, bred in Edmonton Canada, destined for stages around the world; Mouraine is a name to pay attention to. His debut EP, Bigger Dreams, released via Birthday Cake Records in 2021, received props from Complex, The Source, CBC, Earmilk, Exclaim!, RANGE, If It’s Too Loud, Hip Hop Canada and more. After hustling in the underground for the past few years, Mouraine is quickly making moves to emerge into the limelight on the brink of his breakthrough full-length album, In Search of Gold. Slated for release in the spring of 2023, the project is a collaboration with producer duo deadmen (Begonia, Royal Canoe, Ashleigh Ball, Ian Sweet), with features from his brother MOTO, Canadian R&B icon JRDN, and more. The songs delve into Mouraine’s personal life story and deliver an intimate vulnerability complemented by captivating stories, bold lyricism and colossal beats.

As a young, first-generation immigrant to Canada, Mouraine first learned to speak English through his insatiable appetite for music. Hip Hop, Rap and R&B lyrics became his teacher, his solace, and his inspiration to use this language as a tool for self expression and survival. By the age of 11 he began writing, recording and performing original music that would lead to sharing stages with the likes of Mac Miller, J.Cole, T-Pain, Big Sean, Pusha T, Classified, and Shad. Mouraine’s music has been placed in Footlocker ads, played live at Toronto Raptors NBA games, awarded him accolades from his community and peers, and continues to infect audiences around the world. A seemingly endless source of energy, there’s no denying that Mouraine has a magnetic ability to pull people in and make them feel a part of his music and message.
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