TORONTO, ON – April 21, 2023 – Following the release of her funk anthem, Dangerous, trailblazing Toronto artist and emcee, Lex Leosis, sets boundaries and cuts cords with bold bars in Too Close. All about working up the courage to choose yourself, the song takes you verse by verse through a cheating experience with Lex's final rap verse, proclaiming: "I'm leaving." Listen to Too Close here.

"I wanted to explore creating a pop-rap song that had a funk element to it," Lex says of the inspiration behind Too Close. "The lyrics are about being cheated on by a past partner and having to choose myself and let that person go." 

Lex continues to relay her mission to empower women and non-binary folks to feel confident in themselves, always bringing these communities to the forefront. Too Close was produced by Pacific, multi-platinum producers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their production kicked off an organic process, as Lex completed writing within a few hours. Lex recorded the song with longtime collaborator, KR Moore in, Scarborough, Ontario. Additional vocals and arrangement were completed with Brodie Metcalfe, percussion with Julian Clarke and synths with Cameron Tinklinberg. Finally, we mixed the record with Jamie Kuse in NOVA Studios, Vancouver, BC and he was able to give it that final pop flavour.  

The song aims to detail the experience of realizing you're being cheated on, as the first verse follows the journey of getting the person to admit what they've done, and confronting them, to the second, where pain sets in. "I wanted to take the listener through the range of emotions I felt during that period. Anger, sadness, wanting revenge. The third rap verse is a huge exclamation of 'it's your loss.' Realizing that it was a bad situation and that the truth was able to set me free," Lex expands. 

Lex's previous release, Dangerous, is all about feeling yourself, shaking off the winter blues and basking in the sunlight, and a sample of what will be heard on Lex's forthcoming album set to drop this summer. Listen to Dangerous here.

Known for her dynamic flow and aggressive stage presence, Lex Leosis is a name you don’t forget. With a unique gravely vocal delivery, acrobatic flows, and a mastery of her instrumentation, Lex breathes life into contemporary Hip-Hop and mesmerizes with her rapping abilities. She sets herself uniquely apart by holding space for various causes and using her platform to support other women and non-binary artists and creatives.

Following the disbanding of her rap group, The Sorority, Lex turned heads with her jazz/funk-influenced debut 2021 EP, Terracotta, which caught attention from CBC, Exclaim!, Conversations with Dwyer, Earmilk, and Broadway World. Standout track, Wanted, landed in CBC Networks, Run the Burbs and Pretty Hard Cases. She rounded out 2021, by touring Terracotta in the US, opening for Snotty Nose Rez Kids and again, joining them for their 30+ date North American Tour in 2022. Lex finished the year releasing a string of collabs with Keysha Freshh, Lex Bratcher, and producers Alexander Lewis and Oh Gosh Leotus, most of whom she met through her budding success on TikTok. Lex spent the pandemic building an impressive following on the platform performing rap duets with other users. 

Stay tuned for more from Lex Leosis as she prepares to release new music this year.

DOWNLOAD - Too Close Artwork (by Lex Leosis and Brodie Metcalfe)
DOWNLOAD - Press Photo (by Sydney Robertson)