TORONTO, ON – July 14, 2023 Today, multi award-winning artist, DJ and producer, Haviah Mighty, drops her highly-anticipated new LP, Crying Crystals. Listen here

The LP follows Haviah's history-making 2021 mixtape, Stock Exchange, which earned her a 2022 JUNO Award for Rap Album/EP of the Year - the first time a woman had ever won in a Rap Album category. Co-executive produced by Haviah and Amir Jamm, Crying Crystals sees Haviah turn inward, thematically exploring the emotional journey one takes during a tumultuous relationship, with each song representing a different emotional stage throughout that journey. 

"A lot of my previous works, like 13th Floor and Stock Exchange, have been observational in nature; me finding my perspective on what I perceive within society, and reflecting on that," Haviah shares. "Because of this, I've created a lot of politically-charged music, tackling concepts larger than, and outside of myself. With this project, I went inward - leading to a huge amount of personal and internal growth over the past year. This project documents the emotional journey experienced through a long-winded and tumultuous relationship - the toxic thoughts, the moments and realities of a failing relationship - from the beginning of the end, to the end.

Each song speaks to an emotional stage of that journey, starting with confusion, denial, sadness...to flawed confidence, the need to relapse, the need to bargain again for this failing love...all the way through to acceptance, understanding, and the ability to truly, and healthily, move on. This range of emotion inspired a lot of experimentation within different genres, as new ways of storytelling – floating between hip-hop, dance, pop, and even playing with afro and amapiano energies. Of all of my projects, this is by far, the most refined and fully-realized. I’m no longer simply a mirror of what’s going on around us. I’ve become a much more self-aware human being, whose experiences have become a part of the stories that I share. Still, like all of my artistic endeavours, the takeaway is to influence strength within self, especially with how easy it is to lose yourself in others. To be able to navigate through this confusing world with a sense of internal clarity – that’s the level up. That, is the endless tears, solidifying into gems. That, is Crying Crystals.'"

See the expanded tracklist below  detailing each of the feelings that are represented by the songs on Crying Crystals, and check out the visualizer for album closer, Manifest It (ft. Jean Deaux), concluding the LP's emotional journey with real confidence. 

1. Snowfall Ft. Zach Zoya (Confusion) 
2. Lil Baby Ft. Zach Zoya (Denial) 
3. Stress Free (Sadness) 
4. Huh (Disappointment) 
5. Sensational Ft. Jess B (Frustration) 
6. Boundaries (Guilt) 
7. Main Character (Anger) 
8. Honey Bun (Flawed Confidence) 
9. Zoom Zoom Ft. Omega Mighty (Relapse) 
10. Room Service (Bargaining) 
11. All The Time (Acceptance) 
12. Manifest It Ft. Jean Deaux (Real Confidence) 
13. Outro 

July 22 - Vitkovice, Ostrava - Colours of Ostrava

DOWNLOAD - Crying Crystals album artwork | DOWNLOAD - hi-res photo

Haviah Mighty didn’t need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. Mighty could not better describe Haviah’s craft of provocative challenges and uncompromising truths.

Haviah has spent a lifetime developing her skills as a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and performer, culminating in a style of profound introspection and incisive socio-political critique. Her dynamic combinations of rap, song, and instrumental transition seamlessly from hip-hop to soul to afrobeats with a meticulous flow and cadence that transcends any traditional expectation of genre.

2019 saw Haviah earn break-out success with her album, 13th Floor, making her the first hip-hop artist and the first Black woman to win the Polaris Music Prize, celebrating the Best Canadian Album of the Year - but Mighty didn’t stop there. With her JUNO Award-winning mixtape, Stock Exchange (November 2021), Haviah made history once again as the first woman to ever win within the Rap Album of the Year category. Most recently, Haviah was the only Canadian nominee at the 2022 BET Hip-Hop Awards within the Best International Flow category. Recognition has spread internationally, garnering praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, GRM Daily, FADER, Hot New Hip Hop, and so many more.  

From performance invitations by massive European tastemaker, COLORSxSTUDIOS, to BBC 1’s Jack Saunders proclaiming “I just cannot find anything as good as Haviah Mighty," to crushing the 5 Fingers of Death on the legendary show, Sway in the Morning, Haviah Mighty is unstoppable.

Mighty pushes forward continuing to carve out spaces that boldly defy gendered expectations for women in hip-hop. Unyielding and irresistible – Haviah Mighty will be heard.