"Whether you call what Escuela Grind does "power violence" or grindcore," there's no doubt the music the quartet creates together is pure fucking mayhem." - No Echo

"discombobulating drum patterns and staccato guitar chugs...
enough force to level an office park." - 

"bursts of unthinkable sonic rage that still manage to keep the listeners rapt with their density and dynamics...Escuela Grind’s misanthropy as enjoyable and intelligent as it is unending." - Kerrang!

Toronto, ON – September 8, 2022 –  New England extreme metal unit, Escuela Grind, will release its new LP, Memory Theater, on September 30. Produced by Kurt Ballou, the album - the band's first for MNRK Heavy (High on Fire, Crowbar) -features 9 tracks of sharp, scorching underground music that rages and rips in equal measure. Escuela Grind's Memory Theater is available for pre-order here.

Today, Escuela Grind releases a video for the new song, Forced Collective Introspection. Directed by Michael Jari Davidson (Alice in Chains), the barn-burning clip is an ode to the 1971 science fiction film, THX 1138, a work of sociological commentary set in a dystopian world where individuality and love are forbidden. Stream Escuela Grind's Forced Collective Introspection video here.

"We again teamed up with director Michael Jari Davidson to create the video for Forced Collective Introspection, says Escuela Grind vocalist, Katerina Economou. "The video references 1971's anti-authoritarian movie THX 1138, where the band is held in a white void by masked guards, and reduced to objectified numbers. Harassed in prison cells, the band makes their escape in a Shawshank fashion. The theme of the video runs throughout all of our music: we must resist and attempt to escape their control to regain our humanity."

While its music might be intimidating on first listen, the overwhelming spirit behind Escuela Grind is a message of empowerment. As it destroys musical boundaries, the quartet attacks the idea of “gatekeeping” with equal ferocity. Anytime Katerina Economou, Jesse Fuentes (drums), Kris Morash (guitar), and Tom Sifuentes (bass) convene, an aural apocalypse will ensue. Escuela Grind stitches together a new metallic hardcore monster from the rotten corpses of grindcore and power violence with gleefully unhinged blasts of percussive bombast and chaos. An architect by trade, Economou explores philosophy, politics, and experiential experimentation, building a kind of structure amidst the band's musical cacophony
Escuela Grind, which performed as one of the featured acts at the 2022 Psycho Las Vegas festival, is currently in the midst of a U.S. headlining tour. The 23-city Forced Collective Introspection tour launched on September 3 in Salem, MA and includes performances at New England's RPM Fest, Illinois' Full Terror Assault Open Air, and Cleveland's Hacked Up for BBQ death fest, as it criss-crosses the country.  A full listing of upcoming Escuela Grind tour dates is below.

Memory Theater, Escuela Grind's sophomore album, is seven minutes shorter than Slayer’s Reign in Blood, but with a few songs running past the three-minute mark, it’s downright epic by grindcore norms. Delivering on the promise of several split records, a handful of EPs (including GGRRIINNDDCCOORREE and PPOOWWEERRVVIIOOLLEENNCCEE, both released in 2020), and the full-length, Indoctrination, the nine songs on Memory Theater offer a near-psychedelic trip to the genre’s soul. The album title references a specific historical concept, constructing a “space” from one’s internal ideas, knowledge, and perception. 

Escuela Grind has also released a video for its rampaging new track, Cliffhanger, which adroitly showcases the kinetic energy of the group's much talked about live performances. Cliffhanger debuts via Decibel who proclaims, "The track showcases both sides of Escuela Grind’s sound: the firing-on-all-cylinders brand of grindcore that you would expect from a band called Grind School and a few two-step hardcore breakdowns that convert the energy into a more moshable state. Produced by Converge guitarist/GodCity producer Kurt Ballou, Memory Theater is the heaviest Escuela Grind have ever sounded." Stream Escuela Grind's Cliffhanger video here.

“Escuela Grind is super stoked to be out on the Forced Collective Introspection tour across the US with our friends in Test," says front person Katerina Economou. "We're so excited to play a bunch of new cities, cool festivals and killer clubs. You can expect to hear a bunch of material from the new album, and maybe even more upcoming stuff! Let's rage.” A ull listing of upcoming Escuela Grind tour dates is below.

Escuela Grind also released a video for the new song, All Is Forgiven, which the group calls "a skull cracker." The high-intensity clip blends reality with virtual reality. All is Forgiven premieres via Brooklyn Vegan who succinctly surmises, "This shit bangs." Experience Escuela Grind's All is Forgiven video here.

1.Endowed With Windows
2. My Heart, My Hands
3. Cliffhanger (stream VIDEO)
4. Strange Creature
5. Faulty Blueprints
6. All Is Forgiven (stream VIDEO)
7. Forced Collective Introspection (stream VIDEO)
8. The Feed
9. Memory Theater

September 12 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club
September 13  - Omaha, NE - Reverb Lounge
September 14 - Fort Collins, CO - The Lyric
September 15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Beehive Social Club
September 16 -  Boise, ID - The Shredder
September 17 -  Tacoma, WA - Hammerhead House
September 18 -  Seattle, WA - The Funhouse
September 19 -  Portland, OR - High Water Mark
September 20 - San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room
September 21  - Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
September 22 -  San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
September 23 -  Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock Live
September 25 -  Corpus Christi, TX - Boozers Rock Bar
September 26  - Dallas, TX - American Legion Post 672
September 27 -  New Orleans, LA - TBA

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