TORONTO, ON – May 19, 2023 – Today, Canadian synthwave reference-artist, Das Mörtal, shares IDÖL, the second single from his new and upcoming album, due this October via Lisbon Lux Records. The single offers another new sound for the Montreal based producer that falls between techno, Miami bass, trance, trap and even gives a wink to medieval video games, transporting listeners into a completely broken universe. Listen to IDÖL here and watch the visualizer, from Guillaume Vallée, here.
IDÖL is about the pressure - sometimes internal and sometimes external - that comes when you reach a certain level, and you must keep on doing more, even if you are not interested anymore. As heard in the track: “Don't you wanna feel like you're on top / Don't you wanna feel like the best of them all.”
IDÖL is gonna make you dance and bounce while we try to escape the pressures of society,” shares Das Mörtal.
WASTED, the first single from Das Mörtal’s third and upcoming album, was released in February and showed how much the Chilean born producer had grown as an artist, as the track related to the fear and mental block he experienced during the pandemic, when the impression of doing nothing was omnipresent. IDÖL, the second track from the upcoming record, further shows how Das Mörtal has pushed his sound and tapped into new influences he hadn’t explored previously.
“It goes in so many stylistic places because that’s how my brain was working,” Das Mörtal explains. “Being stressed, lazy, anxious and etc... while working on just one track, can make them feel a bit erratic. It makes them sound less over produced and more genuine to the creative struggle I was in.
In the past, my music was based on imaginary narratives, almost being soundtracks to non-existent films,” Das Mörtal adds. “This new album is more personal and about the struggle of actually making it.”

Stay tuned as Das Mörtal’s sound expands this year and his new album unfolds. 

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About Das Mörtal:
Das Mörtal began his journey in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer forges a dark and nostalgic sound, skillfully mixing influences that range from German techno to horror and sci-fi film soundtracks. With several EPs and albums released, he has performed in several major festivals such as Osheaga, Transmusicales de Rennes, FME and Meg Festival while opening on tours for Vitalic, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, etc. Now part of the world's leading synthwave producers, the enigmatic artist offers a more personal sound, a unique musical signature charming a growing audience worldwide. With over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, Das Mörtal receives media and radio support in a dozen countries, as well as on several influential pages on YouTube. On stage, he has racked up nearly 100 shows since 2015, including more than 70 dates in the U.S. and Europe (UK, France, Scandinavia).