“Beyond the fact that every show is a high-energy explosion of pop and positivity, Wannabe's five members, made up of talented writers, actors, singers and choreographers, have tapped into something that had a huge emotional impact on a whole generation of people during their adolescence… By bringing girl power to a whole new generation and time in history, Wannabe isn't going anywhere.”blogTO

TORONTO, ON – March 29, 2022 People of the world, spice up your life!

In 2012, Wannabe – Canada’s premier Spice Girls tribute band – performed their first ever show to a sold-out crowd at Toronto’s legendary El Mocambo. Without immediately realizing it, the group quickly saw that they had tapped into something incredibly special, and over the course of the next decade, Wannabe grew to become one of the most sought-after acts in North America.

On Friday, April 1, the group will celebrate their milestone 10-year anniversary at the Opera House, and once again bring their larger-than-life epic show to the stage; dazzling fans with their giant personalities, mega-watt singing voices, top-notch choreography and powerhouse performance. A night that is truly not to be missed, tickets can be purchased here.     

"Wannabe shows are famous for not only being a massive party with live music but also a celebration of love, friendship and Girl Power,” exclaims the band.

Conceived of by Toronto-based performers/musicians Barbara Johnston and Suzy Wilde, who star in the group alongside Anika Johnson, Jaz Fairy-J and Cat Merriam, Wannabe has been thrilling audiences and blowing the roof off of concert venues across North America for the past ten years. With spot-on performances, costume changes, English accents and platform shoes, the women have brought Girl Power into the 21st century.

“One of the first things people want to know about Wannabe is if we ACTUALLY sing…The answer is yes! We actually sing, and we actually dance and wear the platforms and do the accents. We also have an incredible backing band made up of some of the top musicians in the city.”  

The idea for Wannabe was born one summer when the girls were crammed in a house together performing in a musical, right around the start of 90s nostalgia. After an intense period of ‘Spice Girls Training’, which included studying concert footage and music videos, creating choreography, arranging songs and harmonies, assembling a six-piece backing band (aptly dubbed the Spice Boys), and rehearsing for several months, Wannabe was ready to hit the stage for what they thought would be a one-off concert for friends and family. They were wrong. The show sold out and the band hasn’t looked back since.

As the band has gained popularity, the shows have expanded to include not only Spice Girls songs, but hits from other 90s superstars, including Brittany Spears, Janet Jackson, and Madonna. The girls have appeared on stages alongside legendary 90s acts including TLC, The Goo Goo Dolls, Aqua, 98 Degrees, O-Town, Lance Bass (N’Sync) and Aaron Carter.

“Our ten-year anniversary show will be jam-packed with the biggest Spice Girls hits plus some of our favourite 90’s tracks from some of the best 90’s artists,” the girls add. “After the last two years, this is the show you want to be at.  Dress up, bring your mates and get ready to Spice Up Your Life!”

Wannabe 10th Anniversary
Date: Friday, April 1
Doors: 7:00pm | Show: 8:00pm
Venue: Opera House

Upcoming Tour Dates:
May 6 – Oshawa, ON – The Biltmore Theatre
May 7 – Hamilton, ON – Bridgeworks
May 27 – St. Catharines – Warehouse Concert Hall
May 28 – London, ON – London Music Hall

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