Toronto, ON – April 13, 2022 – Today, dynamic Toronto-based, Brazil-born singer-songwriter, Bruno Capinan (Broo-noh Cap-ee-nan, pronouns: they/them), shares their stunning new single and video for Qualquer Lugar. Highlighting Bruno's roots in their native Brazil, it marks the first single to be featured on Bruno's forthcoming album, Tara Rara, set for release May 13 (via Lulaworld Records in Canada). Listen to Qualquer Lugar here and watch the video here. You can read the lyrics for Qualquer Lugar, in both English and Portuguese, here

"I wrote Qualquer Lugar during the pandemic, in a moment that we were all looking to escape reality. It’s a song about finding that special place where you can be true to who you are, but also where you can be reminded of the good in the world and in humanity," Bruno says.

The video for Qualquer Lugar was filmed in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia by Jones Films. On the process and inspiration behind the piece, Bruno adds:

"For the music video I wanted to go to a place bigger than life, to be surrounded by the power of nature. When we got to Chapada Diamantina, to the top of the cliff you see me dancing with my friend, Douglas, we found out that a French tourist had jumped off the same cliff a week before we arrived. There was something so intriguing about that story, at least to me as an artist, while I was standing at that very same spot, that it made me realize that life is what you make of it, while reality is predetermined by one’s circumstances."

Qualquer Lugar was written by Bruno Capinan, mixed and produced by Vivian Kuczynski, mastered by Carlos Freitas with flute performed by Bem Gil, trumpet and trombone performed by Adrian Perger. The music video was directed by Igor Jones and filmed in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil.

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About Tara Rara
Tara Rara (Portuguese for 'Rare Desire') is a full circle, spiritual collection of songs, resonant with sonic elements embedded with Bruno's Brazilian heritage, on a quest to connect listeners to the roots of their ancestors by weaving a tale of love and pain, travelling from Africa to Brazil in its storylines. On the new album, that follows their 2020 release, Leão Alado Sem Juba, Bruno goes back to their birthplace of Bahia to reclaim the painful past of the Atlantic Slave Trade by honouring their true selves through music.

The title takes reference from childhood memories, at times reflecting on Bruno's experiences of bullying and discrimination, while growing up in Brazil. Bruno’s nickname as a child, given to them by their father, was “buddha." In coming into their identity as a non-binary person, Bruno realized they are also “tara”, which in Buddhism represents the feminine counterpart of the bodhisattva (“buddha-to-be”), and in Portuguese mean “desire." The word “rara” which means "rare" in Portuguese, and represents Bruno’s signature voice and is a celebration of their power. 

Tara Rara encompasses Bruno’s deep exploration of some of their two greatest influences; Afro-Sambas and reinterpretations of Bossa Nova. While all tracks are performed in Portuguese, they are accompanied by lush arrangements made for dancing and movement. Tara Rara is a mix of vocal layers, percussive Brazilian instruments, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, programming, and a string orchestra composed of four violins, two cellos and one viola, as well as trombone, trumpet, French horn, flutes and sax.

As a non-binary person, Bruno ensured gender and racial justice was in focus when cultivating the stellar personnel lineup for Tara Rara. The album highlights an orchestra of seven string musicians, 90% BIPOC and LGBTQI+, an elder percussionist, and musicians from different cultural backgrounds.  

Working with acclaimed Ukrainian-Brazilian producer and songwriter, 17-year-old, Vivian Kuczynski (Pabllo Vittar, SCALENE, Alice Caymmi) the album was recorded from July 2021 until December 2021, primarily in Toronto (at Union Sound Company), with additional recordings in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia and Melbourne. Vocals were recorded in Bahia overlooking the ocean, and brass in Melbourne, Australia. Bruno worked with guitarist Bem Gil (son of Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil), percussionist Marcelo Costa, a string orchestra from Toronto, arranger Graham Campbell, and others.

Learn more about Bruno's history to date below and stay tuned for more on Tara Rara as we move into Spring. 

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Tara Rara Tracklisting
1.Ode ao Povo Brasileiro
2.Deuses Deusas
3.Qualquer Lugar
4.Meu Preto
6.Tara Rara 
7.Possíveis Possibilities
8.Na Moral 
9.Comigo Não
10.Do Mais Secreto Desejo
11.Bahia Brasil  
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About Bruno Capinan
“Acrobatic, sensual, both angelic and profane” is how The Guardian describes brazilian-born, canadian singer-songwriter Bruno Capinan. The Toronto based queer artist has released five albums in their decade long music career and performed to audiences in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and the United States; fusing bossa-nova inspired music and an extravagant performance as an act of LGBTQI+ resistance. 

A fierce performer, Bruno Capinan’s approach to music making is rooted in the Brazilian tropicalia influence, which is to embrace all the vast possibilities of sound. Their music beautifully blends traditional Brazilian sounds, also known as MPB, with many other global influences, and features Portuguese lyrics that are both personal and conversational. 

Bruno Capinan gained international recognition with the release of “Divina Graça” (2016), including reviews in French newspaper Libération, as well as Brazil’s largest publications O Globo, Folha de São Paulo, and Rolling Stone Brazil. They have collaborated with artists around the globe, including Japanese composer Jun Miyake.

Most recently, Capinan released “Leão Alado Sem Juba”, recorded remotely between Canada, France, Portugal and Brazil, receiving two nominations to the prestigious APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics). In April of 2020, they were scheduled to showcase at Atlantic Music Expo 2020 in Cape Verde, but the performance was canceled due to the pandemic. 

About Lulaworld Records
Bridging the contemporary and the traditional, Lulaworld Records brings the Latin, Brazilian and global roots sounds of the most diverse city in the world to music adventurers around the globe.

​Having grown out of the vibrant live music scene at the Toronto venue Lula Lounge and the associated Lulaworld Festival, the label's debut release by Mexican Canadian singer songwriter Quique Escamilla won the 2015 JUNO Award in the world music category and the Canadian Folk Music award.Subsequent releases by OKAN have also earned Independent Music Awards and JUNO wins and nominations. 

With a focus on salsa, tropical and Latin jazz, the label is now expanding its scope to include artists from beyond Toronto, including Brazilian, spoken word and Indigenous artists.

Like the venue that inspired its creation, the Lulaworld Records has a musical range that spans Mexican reggae, Cuban jazz folk fusion, New Orleans inspired funk, classic Tumbao and electro samba. Stay tuned for single, albums and compilation releases coming soon.