“...a dappled, jangly, and unabashedly sincere amalgam of ’70s AM-radio rock and peak-era Sheryl Crow filtered through a lens of lo-fi California cool.”
- Vulture

“The debut single, the light and lilting ‘It’s Fine,’ has the gentle twang of midcareer Sheryl Crow and the bright gloss of Liz Phair’s pop era.”
- The New York Times

“In Natural Disaster, she's crafted an artifact that will feel at once familiar to those who followed her work with Best Coast and also distinctly her own, merging vulnerability with a dry sense of humour, and deploying to full effect her well-honed skill for blending sincere nostalgia with her own brand of millennial irony.” - Exclaim!

"A fearless, fragile debut" – ★★★★  NME
“…Bethany Cosentino has struck out on her own with ‘It’s Fine,’ a self-assured song that exchanges the sun-kissed surf-pop with which she made her name for an engaging country-rock strut made all the more irresistible by tasty, twangy, Southern-fried funk leads that complement the song perfectly.” - Guitar World
“Natural Disaster is a breath of fresh air for Cosentino
- Northern Transmissions

TORONTO, ON – July 28, 2023 – Today, Bethany Cosentino unveils her highly-anticipated debut solo album, Natural Disaster, via Concord Records. Merging 90s power-pop staples with a modern folk-pop edge, the title and opening track is the perfect introduction to the record, lyrically exploring themes of global warming and solidarity when it feels we’re staring the end of the world right in the face – “And hey, if we’re all dying then what does it matter? We’re a natural disaster.” Listen to Natural Disaster here.
“Natural Disaster was absolutely the easiest song on the album to write,” said Cosentino of the single. “Producer and songwriter, Suzy Shinn, sent me an instrumental track, and the moment I heard it, I ran to my music room and wrote this. It was one of those songs that felt like it was just waiting to come out of me. The message is very clear: I had been thinking a lot about the energy of the summer of 2020 in particular. Political upheaval, protests against police brutality, wildfires throughout the state of California, and other Natural Disasters around the globe. That chaotic energy was palpable on planet earth. The song is meant to serve as a commentary on the way we as humans go about our business as the world around us crumbles and literally burns. Thinking about the way our planet is changing is wildly anxiety-producing, but it’s very real, so I hope this song can call attention to it while also giving people something to sing along to.”

On the newly released video, Cosentino explains, “I wanted to create a visual for Natural Disaster that drew attention to the way in which our planet is suffering, but also reminding people of the beauty of this earth and why we should be fighting to save it. None of us are perfect, but even if we do one or two small things in an attempt to elicit change, we are doing the right thing. With some of the hottest temperatures on record happening this summer, I hope this song and video can serve as a call to action. I chose to highlight Evergreen Action, a non-profit organization working towards combating climate change. This is the only planet we’ve got, let’s all do our best to treat her right.”

Previously released songs, It’s Fine – which earned Cosentino her solo debut on Triple A radio chart – as well as Easy and For A Moment give listeners a full spectrum of what they can expect from the albumsignature luminosity and reflection without mincing words – in other words, what Cosentino does best and has been doing since she burst on the scene in 2009. Intensely intimate yet rooted in universal truth, Natural Disaster reminds us that Cosentino has a rare capacity to transform the way we navigate the fast-changing world around us. It is the first offering from this next chapter of her already-incredible career, and a stunning reflection of a woman in her mid-30s embracing all of the change that life has to offer, even when it’s downright terrifying.
Cosentino hopes that the album might help others find their own way toward transformation and renewal. “When I look at all the artists I find most influential, the common thread is that they take risks and continue exploring different versions of themselves,” she says. “My goal is to keep growing and challenging myself and living outside any kind of box, to keep on evolving as an artist and a person. And if anyone’s feeling stagnant, I hope this record inspires them to see what else life has to offer. It’s really scary to take those risks and make big changes in your life, but what you find on the other side can be so magical.”

August 3 - Amoeba Records - Hollywood, CA
September 18 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
September 23 - Breckenridge Brewery - Littleton, CO

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