Toronto, ON – June 22, 2022 – Prolific, award-winning Toronto based singer-songwriter-pianist, J3M, shares the video for his new single, SPACE AND TIME  today. The song is a straight-up funky disco-pop banger. Beneath its overall dark sound, the track unrelentingly shines bright enough to make you want to dance, and will be featured on J3M's forthcoming concept EP, AFRONAUT, to be released August 5. The video was directed, produced AND choreographed by J3M, filmed in the Toronto subway system and across the city with some pals in the mix - experience SPACE AND TIME in action here.

The video for SPACE AND TIME is a huge interstellar on-the-ground dance party – in transit! Kyle Laurin's editing takes us back in time with PowerPoint style transitions and other 90's sensibilities. Piotr Dudek, Sharon and Joseph Roberts were behind the cameras, while a cast of J3M's friends from in town and beyond joined in for a virtual dance party. 
AFRONAUT is a space-themed concept album that takes the listener through each stage of a failed relationship and the love for oneself that is found through the grieving process, as told through the perspective of its protagonist, AFRONAUT, and a bond with his lover, the Alien. 

"SPACE AND TIME is AFRONAUT deciding that maybe both he and The Alien need to take a step back from the situation. After all, it takes two people to create a conflict in the first place. Though it’s easy to pick sides in any dispute, sometimes we must agree to disagree," J3M says of this chapter in the story. "Flying back to earth in his ship alone, AFRONAUT realizes that self love is the most important kind of love. And that love in action, is showing up for himself and asking for what he needs."

SPACE AND TIME follows MOONLESS, a woefully romantic, track blends retro synth pop, mid 80’s R&B and 90’s boy bands with a signature touch. Listen to MOONLESS and experience J3M's live performance in this amazing unplugged rendition here, and a lyric video, created by by Gabriel Altrows and Gergana Peeva, here

AFRONAUT marks an evolution from J3M's previous work with more intricate production and a clearer vision. The pop-driven EP is abundant with piano, synthesizers, guitar, bass and even live strings. On one occasion, J3M and producer, Mike Tompa, travelled to Chalet Studios in Uxbridge, ON to find the perfect piano (a Yamaha C3) to have on select tracks, which is the same piano J3M used for his 2019 standout single, Stuck To My Heart. Other tracks feature a vintage John Brinsmead piano from Miloco Studios in London, UK, The Roland Juno 106 synth and the Prophet Rev 2. 

J3M's previous single, Show Me, was the catalyst for J3M to realize he had other songs and fragments of ideas that mirrored the same sound, theme and concept. Alas, space was made for AFRONAUT to fully soar. Show Me, another retro-synth ballad in its own right (Produced by Matthew Fudge), sees AFRONAUT getting into his ship and leaving earth, embarking on a mission to find the Alien. Upon finding them, a confession is given from the Alien to AFRONAUT. The Alien explains that they are having a hard time connecting and communicating, and this has nothing to do with AFRONAUT.

Tune in as the rest of the AFRONAUT EP story unfolds with more on the way in the coming months!

Get to know J3M (he/they):
Blending pop, disco, soul and R&B, J3M is ready to paint pictures, tell stories, and share melodies that will live in your head rent-free. The award-winning singer/songwriter/pianist has backed powerhouse artists such as Tanika Charles, TiKA, Zaki Ibrahim, Amaal, The OBGMs, James Baley and more, both locally and internationally. Sharing stages with Kehlani, Weezer, Brandy, July Talk and the Arkells (just to name a few), J3M is no stranger to the industry. He's played everywhere from POP Montreal, Toronto Pride, Afropunk Paris, Osheaga, SXSW and even on Carnival cruise lines.

Based in Toronto, but born in Ottawa with Guyanese roots, J3M has been playing and singing for as long as he can remember. So, whether it’s lighting up rooms with his sharp writing, production and arranging skills or bringing down the house with a vivacious live performance, the queer artist is aimed and ready to take the world by storm!

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