TORONTO, ON – August 25, 2023 – Rising artist and rapper, AUDREY NUNA, continues to blaze a trail, this time with her latest single, locket, out everywhere today. The mesmerizing track comes with an ingenious official music video directed by the late Valentin Petit, who tragically passed in an aircraft accident earlier this year: locket was the last music video he directed. Watch here and listen here.
On discovering Petit’s work, AUDREY NUNA shares: "The first work I saw of Valentin Petit's was the video he did for A$AP Ferg (Floor Seats). This was a few years before ever meeting him or knowing who he was. I noticed a few things: first, the attention to detail... every moment, micro and macro, came with intention and specific energy. Clearly this person was a genuine lover of the craft. Second: the casting of characters and storytelling - he was a lover of people, fascinated by fellow humans. The third thing, though, was what really pushed me to reach out when the opportunity came. It was this defiance - a fuck-you to the rules of gravity that I saw in his visuals. There was an air of freedom and playfulness and pure instinct that so few can translate to cinema gracefully.”
On meeting and collaborating on locket with Petit, and his legacy: “When it came time to build out the visual universe for my new project, I came across Valentin's name through my friend and reached out online. After two months of preparing over the phone, we shot locket in Paris in April of 2023... it was a surreal week. Every person on set was lively and focused for every shot under his leadership. There were cranes and flying actors. There was dessert with every catered meal on set. There was a lot of laughing and a lot of magic. It's funny how much you can learn about a person through their work and how they choose to work. Even though I only knew Valentin for a sum of three months, I found in this short time that everything that drew me to his videos clearly stemmed from the blueprint of his soul and who he was at his core. I'm honored to have worked with him and been inspired by him as a fellow artist. I'm just as honored to have gotten to know him as a person; his honesty, the undying and selfless passion he had for the craft, his free spirit and anti-gravity, his love and respect of people and adventure. He was gifted in all the ways his work vividly illustrated, and with such a sense of refreshing humility towards his collaborators and crew that can often times feel rare to find in this industry. This is his final music video of this lifetime - I'm sure he's already getting started, some place, somewhere, gathering ideas and crafting wildest and freest visions to life.”
With the release of locket comes exciting news that AUDREY NUNA is working on a new body of work from which the track is part of, thus marking a new and captivating chapter for 24-year-old NUNA, who is undeniably poised for stardom.
Having laid the foundations with her a liquid breakfast release in 2021, she soon attracted attention from the likes of The New York Times, NPR, High Snobiety, VOGUE, BILLBOARD, COMPLEX, PAPER, FADER and V Mag. AUDREY NUNA continues to push the boundaries and lead with a commitment to creativity, setting precedent as one of the first female Korean-American R&B acts breaking into mainstream culture.
More exciting AUDREY NUNA news to be revealed very soon.

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