TORONTO, ON – December 8, 2023 – Continuing to make waves worldwide, platinum-certified critically acclaimed rising R&B phenom, Ant Saunders, releases a new track entitled Gravitron, out now via Arista Records. Listen here and watch the visualizer here.
The rising R&B star wanted to focus on the storytelling aspect of this single. Growing up in South Jersey, his town always had its annual church carnival fair. One ride that held true to Ant’s emotions was the famous Gravitron ride. Relating to the artist's ups and downs, Ant shares, "Gravitron is a ride. It’s quite literally a ride at many amusement parks and local carnivals, but this song is also very much a ride. It’s a story inspired by my younger days, when I was very naive, and often insecure and selfish. I’ve been writing a lot about growth, reflecting on some of my best and worst moments throughout life. Writing about some of the bad ones felt important to me since it’s always good to acknowledge and accept your own faults, and learn from them."
Last year, Ant dropped the fan favourite, Camaro, and lent his instantly recognizable croon to Paige’s Miles Away. The latter piled up 1.9 million Spotify streams in addition to notching critical acclaim. Women In Pop hailed it as “a gorgeously gentle pop ballad that leans heavily into soul and R&B and explores the concept of intimacy without touch.” In 2023, Ant arrived back in action with the track White Noise and now Gravitron. Watch for more exciting things to come from Ant Saunders in 2024.

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