Toronto, ON – March 10, 2023 – Today, Toronto artist, Alex Exists, shares a heavy new single, Dancing With Chaos. Crawling with riffs, Alex's sharp vocals and deep lyrics, the tune goes out to anyone that feels overwhelmed by the state of the media, politics, and the unreal societal expectations they face. It marks the first single from Alex's debut album, Everybody's Famous (Except Me), out May 26 via The Confidence Emperors and arrives with an equally vibrant video that speaks truth to the song's themes. Watch Dancing With Chaos here and listen to the song here
Alex expands: "It's an ode to confronting chaos head on, and having fun with it, instead of running for the hills. It's a mesmerizing mellotron-driven dirge that paints a vivid pastiche of urban life, and the otherworldliness that lies underneath the facade. Much like the tone and humour in that John Carpenter classic movie, They Live."

Anecdotally, the production on Dancing With Chaos embodies a distinctive distorted bass guitar riff as created by using an effect, custom-built and engineered by Scott Fleming and Alex Exists. Based on the iconic discontinued Japanese fuzz pedal, the Shin-Ei Companion FY-2. A guitar effect that was known for its raw, distinctive, gated fuzz. FY-2 pedals are now quite rare.
The video was produced by Moon Reel Media, which Alex co-runs and co-founded, Directed by Agata Waclawska and edited by Alex himself. 
Everybody's Famous (Except Me) is a sonic exploration of expressing optimistic nihilism and radical authenticity as we tread into a brave new world. Alex quips the album resembling "a wrestling match with one’s ego." It represents a story about finding one’s true self amidst the chaos, continuing to create through the chaos while learning how to wield the energy of the changing tides instead of swimming against it - and letting it destroy you. Alex will use art as a weapon for peaceful rebellion inspired by his interactions with the world, channelled through song. Audiences can expect melodic hard rock tunes ready for both solo listening and the dance floor, filled with ironic humour to highlight social issues, with a satirical dimension. 
A founding member of both The Ruby Spirit and The Nursery, Alex Exists started his foray into music at the tender age of eight when he wrote and recorded his first songs (and noisy experiments) using the family’s home karaoke machine. Its two tape decks and record functions were used to overdub and build songs with Alex recording every instrument he could get his hands on.   

On the heels of The Ruby Spirit breaking up, Alex started writing and performing his songs with the Nursery. Their debut album, Life After Wartime, was awarded Best Independent Rock/Pop Band in Canada by Indie 88 in 2018. The station described the album as “a complex record that explores numerous themes such as our society’s obsession with technology, fame and nostalgia." That same year, the band was awarded Best Music Video for Digital Ashes by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.  

Alex’s music is inspired by absurdism, hyper surrealism and optimistic nihilism with an acid tongue firmly planted in his cheek. He is fascinated by pop culture and ego. The signature of Alex’s creative work is his unique sonic touches, drum-heavy rhythms and classic “pop through a blender” melodies. His new project, Alex Exists, launched with a neo-glam pop version of David Essex’s Rock On for The Confidence Emperors’ multi-artist album, Coverama, followed by his T. Rex-meets-John Lennon seasonal original, Never Christmas Without You. Alex played all of the instruments on both tracks except the drums. 

Stay tuned for more as Alex continues to dive into his big debut this year. 

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