“Existing somewhere amid the fluid, genre-smashing netherworlds of emo rap and trap metal, Australian artist Zheani is fearlessly pushing buttons and being her own goddamn self.” – Revolver

“A relentless bombardment of the senses.” BlackBook Magazine

Toronto, ON – July 23, 2020 – Today, Australian rapper, songwriter, and artist, Zheani, shared a whimsical look into her mind with the release of a music video for single, Lava. The clip, created in collaboration with artist, Mik Shida, finds Zheani in her own fantasy world split through states of zen and bursts of animated colour, as she summons a friend to cure her loneliness. Serving as the opener of The Zheani Sparkes EP, the song showcases a uniquely “Zheani” sound often described as “Fairy-Trap” combining trap motifs with elements of art-pop. The quirky beat found on Lava is sprinkled with autotuned affirmational lyrics painting a picture filled with tropical vibes and beautiful creatures.  

Speaking on the track  Zheani states: "Lava represents happiness. It is an anthem for going on a holiday in your mind. At this point in my life I am happy in my heart but with the current state of the world, expressing it outwardly feels performative. For me it’s comical watching myself trying to express “happiness” as a convincing performance for the camera. Lava itself was very much “fake happiness until you make happiness” and I hope like a placebo it has that effect on others during a time it’s probably needed the most.”

Zheani makes uncompromised art her raps are raw and unfiltered, her photos are censored by social media, and her music videos are performance art pieces that push both limits and buttons. On her latest offering, The Zheani Sparkes EP, she takes on an autobiographical perspective focusing on dark memories from her childhood but also a silver lining of melodic trap that drips with positivity and escapism upon the album’s open and close. The eight tracks on the EP feature a blend of industrial and acoustic rhythms, with the lyrical content driving home harsh realities that shaped her and formed the woman she is today. The visual element of the album is just as important as the songs themselves, depicted in videos for I Won’t Sell My Soul, DIRTBIKE, and Dirt On The Name Of Steven, created DIY in collaboration with artist, Mik Shida.  On The Zheani Sparkes EP, Zheani has been able to stake claim on her background and shine into her own, sharing a reflective and fantastical story that leads into the next chapter of her journey. You can stream The Zheani Sparkes EP here now.


1. Lava

2. Intro - Zheani Speaks to Steven

3. 2020 (The Hook is a Prayer)

4. Dirt on the Name of Steven

5. Angel Dust

6. Dirtbike

7. Skitz Cunt

8. I Won’t Sell My Soul

9. Outro - Steven Speaks to Zheani

10. Yippy-Ky-Yay

DOWNLOAD – Hi Res Artwork | DOWNLOAD – Hi Res Press Photo

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