Toronto, ON – April 24, 2020 – Today, Canadian singer, songwriter and musician, Zaac Pick, releases the second song off his upcoming album, Passages. The track is titled Ladder To The Sun and follows the release of lead single, Lighter Side Of Blue. Ladder To The Sun revolves around the theme of how people can change throughout their lives and become a different person from what others may have known them to originally be.  Zaac touches on how different circumstances can steer people in a not-so-positive direction – causing them to drift away from those who they were once close with. Listen to Ladder To The Sun  here and watch the official video here.

“I was trying to capture the conflicted feeling when you're happy for someone's success, but at the same time there's a sense of loss because you used to know them well but that friendship is gone,” Zaac explains. “The song is really me asking some questions about the usefulness of ambition. Is it inevitable that people change for the worse in some way to become successful? Is it worth losing relationships over?”

Ladder To The Sun’s upbeat rhythm is lead by Zaac on acoustic guitar and ramps up even more in the chorus with added instrumentals to catch a listeners’ ear. Jon Anderson produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered it at his rural studio in Maple Ridge, BC last summer,” shares Zaac. “Skye Brooks (Copilots, Fond Of Tigers) played drums, and Taylor Swindells (frontman of the band Tourist Company) sang BGVs and played the moog parts. I wrote it, sang, and played guitars, bass, and piano – and by played piano I mean Jon graciously let me clamp all kinds of studio spare parts to his piano strings because I wanted to play a piano that sounded more like a synth.”

Directed by Kasey Lum – a friend of Zaac’s – the music video follows the song’s theme and tells a story about the drifting-apart of childhood friendships, as a group of teens get up to a night of mischief, exposing some deeper divisions between them. The video was shot on film in Vancouver last December (2019), with a crew and cast of friends in real time, truly bringing the story to life. Zaac makes appearances throughout the video – the most notable being near the end of the track before the group steals his car and takes off. 

Based in Vancouver, BC, Pick originally moved from his native Medicine Hat, Alberta in the early 2000s, becoming immersed in the region's burgeoning indie-folk music community as guitar player and songwriting member of the band, Doubting Paris. After being dropped from their US record label, Pick ventured out on his own, releasing a string of EPs and an LP that earned him regional songwriting awards and nominations, generous national radio (CBC) support, opening slots for the likes of The Civil Wars, Noah Gundersen, and Bahamas, and numerous features for his songs on major network television shows.

With the full-length album set for release later this year, fans can look forward to more singles rolling out in the coming months. Stay tuned for more coming from Zaac in 2020!

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