Toronto, ON – July 29, 2020 – Following the release of his fresh new EP, The Path, which dropped July 20th, Canadian Métis rapper, Troy Junker, today releases the official video for his latest single, The Juice. Watch the video here.

“I wanted to start The Path off with a track that is a confidence boost about turning negatives into positives,” Troy says of the song. “The Juice is for the days where you feel like giving up, but you know you can't quit. It's about knowing yourself and not letting other people's opinions taint your vision. There are a lot of personal things I put in there that I feel my fans go through too, and I hope it can help somebody can relate.”

The Juice was created in collaboration with Internet Money producer, JR Hitmaker with the video being filmed by Goldenb0y in Toronto, ON. Due to the pandemic, Troy chose to shoot a performance video with more emphasis on the lyrics, versus risking crew members' health for the production.

The Path is Troy’s first album release since 2018 and has a new lyrical focus – positivity. With the EP's theme focusing on how people are capable of choosing the path they are meant to be on, Troy aims to appeal and inspire younger audiences, giving them uplifting messages and reminders to stay hopeful while going through tough times in their lives. There are also a number of collaborations included on the EP including Joey Stylez, Thea May, LUVR and Larisa Santiago. Almost every track features another musical artist – another new approach Troy is adding into his stand out musical creations.

It feels great to share The Path.” Troy reflects. “When I first thought about the project, it was important to me that I included songs my younger listeners could take positive messages away from. I know how it feels to be lost and I wanted to create a body of work that shows that sometimes you need to create your own path to go where you want to be. It's my first studio project since moving to Toronto and being independent, it was nice to have creative control while collaborating with my friends."

For the artwork, I wanted it to resemble where I come from, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I don't get to go home much anymore because I'm in Toronto but I wanted the artwork for, The Path to represent where I started. I wanted it to feel like I was in PA. It's the last city before all the Northern communities and everyone is used to the Northern lights. Now that I'm in Toronto, I don’t see them anymore, so it was something I wanted to incorporate into the artwork.”

Troy moved from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to Toronto, enrolling in Durham College, and achieved the honour-roll in the Music Business Management program – following his dreams in the music industry. Throughout his college years, Troy released two EPs (Time Capsule and Trilly Madison) and went on to play local events and campus house parties. He closed out 2019 by being featured in an Indigenous Songwriting camp, where he had a helping hand in creating So Close by Wolf Den – which charted at #5 on Sirius XM’s Indigenous Music Countdown.

Listen to The Path here
Watch The Juice video here

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