Toronto, ON – October 11, 2019 – Tourist Company have been sharing tastes of their upcoming new sophomore album throughout the year, and today they release their latest offering – ‘Til We Disappear. Inspired by a deeply personal life event, the track is a heartfelt expression of unwavering love. Have a listen here.

“This was the last song written for this record and it’s a little bit of an aside from the rest of the album,” reflects Tourist Company singer-songwriter, Taylor Swindells. “I wasn’t intending on writing any more songs for this project but life had other plans. I’d just come home from tour when my partner sat me down and told me she wasn’t pregnant – which was kind of a strange way to start a conversation. I remember my heart leaping into my throat not really being certain what was going to happen next. She told me that her doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her – she was eight weeks late and had taken two pregnancy tests herself, but the doctor’s test had come back negative. She was categorically not pregnant. This left two options that were both terrifying: either she could never have kids, or she had uterine cancer and we had no way of knowing if or how much it had spread. I wrote this song pretty shortly after that conversation, trying not to freak out but knowing that I loved her more than anything and that was never going to change.  
Moments like that bring a lot of clarity to what actually matters. Without those terrifying events, it’s hard to know how deep anything in life really is. All I wanted right then and there was for her to know that I loved her no matter what and that was never going to change. Two weeks later after another doctor’s test we found out that she was actually just pregnant the whole time, which was the BIGGEST relief. We still don’t know what medically happened but we’re very happy to be parents now.  
Even though this song wasn’t originally set within the world of the new album, it seemed like a fitting way to end a record about processing bad news. I felt all the stages of this album in those two weeks when our world was turned upside down, but the truth was, all that mattered was ‘I will love you ‘til we disappear’.”

Tourist Company released their debut album, Apollo, to critical acclaim in 2016 and toured the record relentlessly across their home country and internationally. The duo – comprised of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Taylor Swindells, and drummer, Brenon Perry – have steadily built a musical reputation that is impressing critics and winning fans worldwide. With a sound that seamlessly blends the electronic and the organic, they have carved out a sound that is defiantly all their own; with orchestral elements that swell into a sea of synths, propelled along by rhythms that combine experimental with progressive. The band is set to release their sophomore record in the new year.

October 31 – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret (with Rich Aucoin)
November 1 – Nanaimo, BC – The Queen’s (with Rich Aucoin)
November 2 – Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar (with Rich Aucoin)

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