Toronto, ON – May 7, 2018 – Ahead of his return to light up the stage at Canadian Music Week, Toronto-via-Montreal rapper, Patrik, shares the video for his single, Entitled (produced CMPLX, J Cash and $on). Premiering via Complex Canada today, the song is the second single from Patrik’s forthcoming Spadina EP, set for release later this year. Local fans will be able to catch Patrik’s signature energetic live set this month, with tour dates in Toronto and Montreal (details below). Watch the video here.

“Entitled is the embodiment of my transitioning,” Patrik says of the track. “In style, it visually captures the simplicity of reinventing myself. Content with where I’m heading, disregarding complimentary statements.”

In November, Patrik attended the vernissage of visual artist, Pierre-Marie Cespedes, at the LivArt gallery in Montreal. He was immediately inspired by the space and creative energy that was permeating the walls of the Montreal art hub. The director of the video, Dede Soueidan, has been a longtime creator of performance art and documentary. In this collaboration, he found himself in new territory by exploring unique phonic influences that guide his shots and chops.


“We saw this as an opportunity to capture performance art, in a pure form, in a gallery (which at the time was housed by photography portraits),” says video producer, Arash Maleki, of Montreal-based Pigeon House Productions x Beso TV.  “It is kind of like if a portrait came to life to unload the content and emotion within its frames. As an avid fan of art, Patrik creates an ode of sorts, a performance to come support and animate the spirit of the art hanging on the walls of the gallery.”


The video for Entitled follows Patrik’s latest single, Lone ­– what Patrik describes as “accepting isolation in order to confront myself of the overwhelming thoughts I have.” The track has hit over 23K streams on Spotify, and continues to rise. For more of what Patrik has in store on Spadina, check out Data.  


About Patrik:

In 2015, Patrik released un Clockwork Orange, an EP inspired by the film, A Clockwork Orange, and the concept of making choices, transitions and how this defines us, interpreted by Patrik as a character that has a spiritual vs. scientific change. It tells the story of Nak Suu, The Gang$ter Hippy: A young immoral adolescent lusting over the fast life as he journeys w/ his droogs: Bishop, Raheem x Steel. He retells the tales of his past life as The Gang$ter, to his spiritual change into The Hippy. As he breaks free from the bonds Alex has put on him, none can decide the faith of his being except himself. Following, he released The Commission EP, a five-track collection of production collaborations with Donato, Jordeaux and IGNORVNCE, amongst others. 


Patrik has headlined Confidential Records M.A.P.L. Series showcase that has raised funds for MusicCounts. He has performed at festivals such as the Ontario 150 Art & Music festival, Canadian Music Week-curated showcases, and was invited this past September to perform at Pop Montreal’s music festival for the second year in a row. Patrik was recently chosen as one of the five artists to perform at the Jim Beam Make History Talent Showcase presented by Indie 88, Now Magazine and Universal Music Group. He went on to win the Jim Beam Talent Search Toronto showcase.

A lover of fashion with a keen sense for personal style, Patrik’s x10 brand has become a very well-known brand, that is worn by university students throughout the Toronto and Montreal Area. Patrik has also previously worked with, and is currently sponsored by, G-Star Raw's Toronto Flagship Store. They curated a private event at their store in downtown Toronto, where Patrik showcased his talent to an audience of over 100 fans in the space.


Always making a global impact through positive projects. Envisioning a world without boundaries reached through the promotion of unity and the embracing of each person’s unique qualities. Patrik is a clever lyricist who uses metaphors to relate to the heart of the listener. A banner of truth, Patrik speaks his mind. Using music, making his message, one for the masses. Whether collaborating with his x10 collective, or producing work solo, Patrik is a rapper for the People. Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Patrik is a versatile, bilingual rapper with an array of diverse interests. Connected to his faith, he enjoys reading the bible, and is an avid viewer of anime and documentaries. Patrik is also fond of sports and exercise. While studying sociology at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, he was a dedicated member of the school’s basketball team and Enactus chapter, an entrepreneurship program that challenges students professionally to create their own ventures and projects. The title of his forthcoming EP, Spadina, is a reference to Toronto’s Chinatown neighbourhood, where Patrik currently resides.



Thursday, May 10 – Remix Lounge – Toronto, ON – (Canadian Music Week Showcase)

Thursday, May 24 – La Vitrola – Montreal, QC (supporting The Sorority)
Thursday, May 31 – Night Owl – Toronto, ON (Lost Craft Untapped Vol.1 Showcase)
Thursday, June 7– The Boat – Toronto, ON (For The Culture Industry Showcase) 

Patrik on Spotify:

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