Toronto, ON – May 21, 2021 – As they enter a new cycle, Bear Witness and Tim “2oolman” Hill of A Tribe Called Red are reintroducing themselves as The Halluci Nation, to reflect the evolution of their music and mission. Today they release new track and official video, Remember 01, which will be heard on their upcoming album, One More Saturday Night, releasing July 30 (click to pre-order). The track opens with words from poet and activist, John Trudell – who fans first saw on the group’s last record We Are The Halluci Nation – the track is an ode to remembering the eve of August 21, 2014 when The Halluci Nation was born upon first meeting John Trudell. Watch the full video here.

Bear Witness shares, “He (John) was on a mission to set us on a course that continues to guide and inform our actions. Remembering our past is key to seeing our way into the future and revisiting the words John spoke about us that first night are exactly that. Like a beacon showing us that we are still on the path he sowed for us. John’s words confirm that we are still moving forward in the right detection. This is why it is so important for us to share his voice with everyone and once again, let John set the tone for our first album as The Halluci Nation.”

“Creating this song was one of the most powerful moments to ever happen to me professionally. Hearing John’s words reverberate in the room over meaningful chords felt like we were wrapping up our entire journey as a group, a sort of reflection piece. To bring it all back one more time by using an introductory speech he gave us back in 2014 when we first met, and he told us in that moment what we must do going forward,” adds 2oolman.

Trudell’s voice continues throughout the track and goes back to the Electric Pow Wow roots The Halluci Nation are known for in tandem with frequent collaborators, Black Bear (a group of Pow Wow singers from Manawan, QC) joining in to build the energy of the track. This project has been a long time in the making and the video can be compared not that of a trailer to a movie about the birth of The Halluci Nation – and in this case, acts as an introduction of what’s to come on the rest of the project.

Produced by Combo Bravo and Breathe Entertainment, the video was shot in Toronto, Ontario and follows a series of different subjects across the city spreading Trudell’s words visually, as he’s speaking. The overall piece causes a building of excitement and is something listeners/viewers can feel in their chest. It is clear there is a lot of powerful meaning behind this work.

The album is a love letter to the Electric Pow Wow gatherings launched at Ottawa's Babylon nightclub in 2007 by the gang of DJs who would swiftly – and quite unexpectedly – become known to critics, tastemakers and festival crowds worldwide as A Tribe Called Red. It represents an imagined denouement to the biweekly Saturday-night parties that ended abruptly in 2017, without ever getting the proper send-off. One More Saturday Night thus pays genre-oblivious homage to the energy, momentum, humanity and hours of sweaty late-night abandon that elevated The Halluci Nation to this pivotal point with equal parts nostalgia and joy – also probing the monstrous potential yet to be tapped in Tribe’s vision of connecting the dots between traditional Indigenous music and post-rave electronic music. Or “mixing dance music with dance music,” as Bear Witness succinctly puts it. 

We wanted to pay homage to Electric Pow Wow and wrap that whole decade of experience up and close the cycle, and in doing so give direct coordinates of where the future was headed. In a nutshell, that’s what this album is about,” says Bear. “We just wanted to make a party record, as well, one that people could dance to while still having the strong message we are known for.” 

From hip-hop star, Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def), to the Indigenous Australian band, OKA, to the Wayuu-Colombian powerhouse, Lido Pimienta, the group has always sought out artists from around the world with whom to create a truly “borderless” sound. The upcoming record will be no exception – with features as inspired and unpredictable as the music from Texas “electro-cumbia” star, El Dusty, First Nations singers, Chippewa Travellers, New Zealand Māori artist, Rob Ruha, Inuk avant-garde throat singer, Tanya Tagaq and round-dance/R&B fusionist, Antoine Edwards Jr., among many others.

We wanted to take the music to another place,” says 2oolman. “We showed a little bit of our ambitious side on this record and we got to do a lot of songs that we’d been wanting to do for a long time. And this is just the beginning, man. I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard The Halluci Nation produce a project for someone else. We’ve got so much more coming.

One More Saturday Night Tracklist:

1. Remember 01 ft. John Trudell, Black Bear

2. It's Over ft. Chippewa Travellers

3. Tanokumbia ft. El Dusty, Black Bear

4. NDN Kars ft. Keith Secola (2020 Remix)

5. Remember 02 ft. Chippewa Travellers

6. Stay ft. Antoine, Tom Power, Chippewa Travellers

7. Land Back ft. Boogey The Beat, Northern Voice

8. Takarita ft. Rob Ruha

9. Remember 03 (STLNDRMS rework)

10. When We Fly ft. Jennifer Kreisberg

11. Ba Na Na ft. Odario, Haviah Mighty, Chippewa Travellers

12. The OG ft. Romeo Saganash, Black Bear 

13. Collaboration ≠ Appropriation ft. Tanya Tagaq

14. Mother Mother ft. Lillian Allen, SATE, The Northwest Kid, Chippewa Travellers

15. Remember 04 ft. Re.verse, Chippewa Travellers