Toronto, ON – December 1, 2020 – Today, Montreal rock ‘n’ roll duo, The Flamingos Pink – Sacha Gubany (guitar/vocals) and Julien Corrado (drums/percussion) – drop the latest visual from their recently released sophomore album, Outtacontroller – a live take of the album’s opening track, Best We Ever Had. Premiering yesterday on Canadian Musician, the song – and video – is about the connectivity of the past that we can no longer enjoy. It’s a stroll down memory lane that reveals how that at one time, we could all get together, have fun, party, go to a show, rock out and release – together. Check out Best We Ever Had here.

Says the band, “If you really pay attention, the story writes itself. A real trip down memory lane. Remember live shows? The feeling of closeness to strangers while getting pummeled by a tower of sound? This is the past. What’s next? Let’s close out this year strong and look straight ahead, steady as she goes. Keep surfin’ the waves and feeling the heat. Let’s ride this through. Best we ever had – the focus is on the good times.”

The video recalls warm summer nights, the vibe inside a packed music venue and feeling close to other people.

The band continues, “To celebrate the launch of our second album, we rented a venue and played it in front of absolutely nobody in the audience. We still got a noise complaint though. It ain’t rocknroll unless somebody gets ticked off. We’re definitely getting good at it. Limitations breed creativity, so we’ve been told. 2020 has given us enough of that. It takes a lot of sh*t for the flowers to grow.

The Flamingos Pink believe rock ‘n’ roll is a way of life; a state of mind that is foundational to the band’s DIY attitude and reckless self-abandon. As a duo, they fill space and time rhythmically with a sweet blend of tones. Authority tight power chords, bottom heavy beats and a soulful voice, this musical harmony is the result of Sacha and Jules having a deep connection to one another thanks to their parallel backgrounds and upbringings. Being able to relate to one another went beyond just having gone to the same schools and having the same jobs (at different times). They discovered that they have undeniable chemistry, both musically and in the broader sense of style-de-vie. 

Outtacontroller was constructed during the quarantined Spring of 2020. Starting in April, Gubany and Corrado exchanged around 30 voice memos of song ideas and anything else musically that came to mind. Gubany played guitar every day for two months straight, exploring the sounds that would eventually come to be part of the 11 tracks on Outtacontroller. In May, the pair met up in an industrial warehouse and wrote the whole album. When June came around, they were ready to record the entire album and headed to the studio for two days to lay down all 11 tracks. Outtacontroller pushed Gubany and Corrado, and highlights just how much they are able to accomplish together.

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