Toronto, ON – September 11, 2020 – Today, Montreal rock ‘n’ roll duo, The Flamingos Pink – Sacha Gubany (guitar/vocals) and Julien Corrado (drums/percussion) – are excited to announce the release of their second album, Outtacontroller. Set to drop on October 23 via Label Étiquette. Outtacontroller follows the duo’s 2019 debut, Kustom Kreme. The band also shares a first taste of the new music with lead single, Morning Light. Listen here and watch the official music video here.

The Flamingos Pink constructed Outtacontroller during the quarantined Spring of 2020. Starting in April, Gubany and Corrado exchanged around 30 voice memos of song ideas and anything else musically that came to mind. Gubany played guitar every day for two months straight, exploring the sounds that would eventually come to be part of the 11 tracks on Outtacontroller. In May, the pair met up in an industrial warehouse and wrote the whole album. When June came around, they were ready to record the entire album and headed to the studio for two days to lay down all 11 tracks. Outtacontroller pushed Gubany and Corrado, and highlights just how much they are able to accomplish together.

“The record is voluntarily stripped down. It’s a no nonsense straight to the gut approach. Raw tones, strong vocals and fire engine red beats. It’s simple, primal and gritty,” the duo reflects. “We were on a mission to capture the intense moment in time that is the year 2020, like a snapshot. The recordings aim to capture our sound so you can hear it like we’re in the room with you. Dynamics is key, playing off the vocals, carving out tones, figuring how to best use up the sonic space, it’s sharp and real. We’re letting out waves of emotions and learning how to surf them. It feels like we’re entering a new chapter, the air is changing and so is the light. There’s a sense of urgency to action, for us and the whole World. This is a record made in tumultuous times and we’re jumping right in. 

Morning Light explores the theme of staying in the present and taking life one day at a time – ultimately reminding people there are good things to come. “Morning Light is the sliver of sunshine on your skin to remind you that you’re thankful to be alive,” reveal Gubany and Corrado. “When everything stops but our minds are still racing, the past seems so far away and the future even further. The present moment is a heavy concept that never seems to stay in place. It creates tension and tension always has a way of bringing out intense emotions. It’s being nostalgic about the past and hopeful for the days to come.” 

The Flamingos Pink believe rock ‘n’ roll is a way of life; a state of mind that is foundational to the band’s DIY attitude and reckless self-abandon. As a duo, they fill space and time rhythmically with a sweet blend of tones. Authority tight power chords, bottom heavy beats and a soulful voice, this musical harmony is the result of Sacha and Jules having a deep connection to one another thanks to their parallel backgrounds and upbringings. Being able to relate to one another went beyond just having gone to the same schools and having the same jobs (at different times). They discovered that they have undeniable chemistry, both musically and in the broader sense of style-de-vie. 

Stay tuned for more to come from The Flamingos Pink this fall!

1. Best We Ever Had
2. Life’s Automatic
3. New Kinks (I Got It)
4. Crossing Boarders
5. Not For Today
6. Now I Know
7. Bloodstrap
8. Look At Me
9. Barrel Of A Gun
10. Right Wing Chicken
11. Morning Light

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