Joanne Setterington

Founder/Owner | Management & Public Relations

Fiercely independent, it was absolutely no surprise to anyone when Jo created Indoor Recess in 2003 – a place where her energy, drive and ambition could flourish, unencumbered.  On the front line of many artists’ careers, she is a proud advocate and champion of everyone she has the privilege to work with in both the PR and management realms of Indoor Recess.

Amanda McCauley

Owner | Public Relations

Amanda’s lifelong love of music – nurtured from a young age by a guitar-playing dad and drummer mother – led her to the Public Relations program at Durham College, where she focused much of her studies on the music biz. An internship with MapleMusic Recordings (now Cadence Music Group) helped pave the way to her career with Indoor Recess in 2010. Over the years, she has had the privilege of working with countless musicians and events, delighting in the opportunity to discover new artists and watch them grow and bask in their successes.

Aven Hoffarth

Management & Social Media

With small town Ontario work ethic and a Radio & Television Arts degree from Ryerson University, Aven entered the music industry in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she has considerable experience in social media strategy and digital marketing that ranges from international album campaigns to on-tour coordination for arena tours. As an artist manager, Aven has proven her commitment to the artistic vision while encouraging innovation and growth.

Ola Mazzuca

Public Relations

From the dancehall to the moshpit, music is Ola Mazzuca’s greatest passion. It started in high school, where she discovered the world of heavy metal. From hanging out in green rooms interviewing the likes of Anvil, to Canada’s famous one-hit wonder, Snow, Ola is open to exploring music from any time, genre or place. Holding a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ryerson University, Ola applies her communication skills, zeal for culture, and experience as a journalist and project manager to Indoor Recess.