Toronto, ON – October 26, 2017 – Today, Montreal-based pop artist, Soran, shares I Wish – the first new song from his upcoming debut release, due out in 2018 via Audiogram. Have a look at the lyric video here.

With high hopes following his discovery by the public during his remarkable stint on La Voix, Soran stands out from the pack with this catchy song. Against a melancholy, bittersweet yet hopeful backdrop, he talks to a girl with whom he would like something more. He wishes many things, he has much he wants to say to her, but she doesn’t care. Then, the meaning of the song reveals itself, proving to be much larger; everyone hopes, everyone wishes, and this girl is the world – she is life itself. And while we aren’t much in the grand scheme of things and we are ultimately helpless, we must persist, and we must exist. I Wish is a thoughtful reflection via “poptimism” – a young artist questioning himself while going through a romantic situation, extrapolated on a human scale.

Born on the south shore of Montreal from a Japanese mother and a French father, Soran grew up surrounded by his dad’s musical instruments. He experimented with them, even though his father didn’t accompany him during this learning process. At age four, Soran played drums, but his brother refused to join him on bass, so he abandoned music for the first time. After a few years playing percussions in high school, he once again moved on in order to focus on visual arts.

Around the same time, he stopped listening to music, satisfied to catch whatever he heard around him. During a trip to New York, he bought a guitar from a homeless person and rediscovered the pleasure of playing right away. Music came back into his life with a pure dose of inspiration. He recorded a fifteen-second video in his bedroom that received hundreds of reactions on social media, much to his surprise. Several other videos followed – often outstanding covers of songs he’d heard only once, and then recreated in his own style. In order to remain humble in the face of this exponential online success, he would perform anonymously in the metro. This is where La Voix noticed him. A few months later, all four coaches of the TV show turned their chair during his reggae version of Hotel California.

Fond of playing music more than of listening to it, Soran returned to songwriting, putting his unique touch on catchy pop compositions that make people want to dance and sing along. Before committing to one of the labels that offered him a record deal, Soran decided to play guitar in the metro again. He also traveled across the province to give a series of self-produced concerts, just for the fun of playing and sharing his music on stage. Then in Fall 2016, Audiogram announced it had signed the young sensation, who will release his first album of original songs in 2018. Soran played every instrument on the record, in addition to coproducing it with the help of Alex McMahon.

Music is here to stay this time – and it will be vividly experienced.

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