Toronto, ON – September 14, 2018 –
Soran has proven he can take on any song, no matter how well known, and make it completely his own. Now, with the release of his debut self-titled EP, the 20-year-old artist reveals his impeccable songwriting, arranging and directing talents. Produced with Connor Seidel (Matt Holubowski, Coco Méliès), the EP gathers refreshing pop songs with dance, electro and reggae accents. Soran, who plays almost every instrument, expresses himself freely, demonstrating inexhaustible creativity. Listen to the album here.

Hope, betrayal, doubt and disappointment colour often-complicated love stories where nothing is for keeps. Whether he’s entertaining a fascination with the enigmatic Julia, one of the first songs he wrote, or being captivated by the elusive Emma, Soran retains his distinctive signature: a vibrant tone, singular phrasing and a rare talent for concocting catchy melodies. Time to Time, a reggae-inspired pop jewel, is a perfect example.

The singer-songwriter-composer-producer explores new musical territories on Lalalaand Not in Love; dancy pieces tinted with touches of electro. Sometimes pared-down, sometimes more complex, the arrangements shine by their inventiveness, multiplying voice layers here, sound discoveries there, as demonstrated in Wrong, which banks on solid and well-supported rhythm.

Revealed to the public in 2016 thanks to his passage in the La Voix TV show contest, Soran has amassed a strong following on social networks and online music platforms, with two million plays on Spotify and Apple Music following the release of his first singles. Now, with the new EP, Soran is sure to attract his fair share of new fans.

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