Toronto, ON – February 14, 2020 – Today, innovative PEI artist, Russell Louder, returns with a new song, Hello Stranger. Following a string of incredible singles released last year, Hello Strangerexplores the complexities of losing and regaining the ability to recognize oneself. With Russell’s signature electropop sound and pitch-perfect vox, the song’s lyrics question this experience – personified by the character of a stranger. Listen to Hello Stranger here and catch Russell live in Charlottetown tomorrow (Saturday, February 15) and at Osheaga Festival in Montreal this summer – see full details below.

"Hello Stranger explores the complexities of losing and regaining the ability to recognize one's self, so the lyrics are centred in this vulnerable interrogation to that experience - personified through the character of a stranger,” Russell says of the inspiration behind the song. “In terms of production, this song had several lives before I settled with this sort of repeating chord progression in the instrumentals - and I think it adds a melancholic hope to the overall tone of the song.  I wanted to take that and the vocals and make those elements build up to this ear-ringing, gut-wrenching feeling that smoulders as it ends."

In terms of production, this song had several lives before Russell Louder set up a repetitive chord progression, adding a hopeful melancholy to the song. The idea was to cumulate all its elements until they built up to an overwhelming feeling for the listener, a buzzing in the ear, and a gut-wrenching smolder at the end.

Hello Stranger follows Russell’s two previous singles, Light Of The Moon and Cost Of Living. Both tracks are a sample of what the multifaceted Charlottetown musician and producer has been working on.  Light Of The Moondraws on the experience of seeing someone's life become engulfed by an abusive relationship. Cost Of Living is a ruminating confrontation in which Russell Louder personifies circumstances of the past.  The minimal, yet clean and nuanced production lends itself well to a voice so haunting and hopeful.  It’s this voice that stays at the forefront of the song - carrying the listener through a poignantly crafted lyrical landscape. Watch a live session for Cost Of Living here.

Russell was a finalist in CBC Music’s 2019 Searchlight competition, highlighting Canada’s best undiscovered musical talent. Earlier this year, Russell won a Music PEI award for Electronic Single Recording of the Year for their track, Showdown, co-written and co-produced with Steph Copeland.

About Russell Louder
Russell Louder is a transgender performance artist, musician and producer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They exemplify a relentless and nuanced exploration of musical genres - from experimental to dark dance pop - creating a constantly mutating landscape fronted by soaring vocals. 


Russell Louder grew up in Prince Edward Island, pivoting between a rural community of 800 people, and Charlottetown.  Since the age of 17, Russell has pursued a self-directed education, touring both nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist.  In 2017, they self-released their debut EP, Think of Light, which quickly earned praise from THUMP and Exclaim!, amongst others.

February 15 – Hello Stranger Release Party – Baba’s Lounge – Charlottetown, PEI - Info & Tickets

August 1, 2020 – Osheaga Festival – Montreal, QC

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