Toronto, ON – May 19, 2021 – Today Toronto based musical artist and outdoor educator, Pete Moss, releases the first track, entitled Chickadee, from his upcoming fall album, Birds Rock. As Pete describes, Chickadee is a “tribute to one of the most adorable and resilient birds around”. Pete’s forte as a teacher comes in handy on the track, with clever lyrics like “1-2-3 count the dees” on the end of their familiar “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee” referencing the number of ‘dees’ they tweet to indicate the severity of a nearby threat. The release of Chickadee comes during the peak of Spring bird migration season and will appear on his upcoming album, Birds Rock, releasing in the fall. Listen to Chickadee here.

Be sure to check out the endearing companion video for Chickadee, which had its debut on Owl Kids.  The video stars Pete as the ever curious bird, with Hannah Davison accompanying him on guitar.  The video animates fun facts about chickadees, including their knack for eating out of your hand and sleeping in holes in trees!

Pete Moss has been connecting children with nature for over a decade and his upcoming album is a tribute to the magic of neighbourhood birds. Chickadee is but one example of exciting educational material using the power of music. The instrumental rhythms were made to embody the movement of a chickadee, who are almost always in constant and consistent motion,  which the listener can pick up when concentrating on the sound of the drums and mandolin throughout the track. Each element of the song’s composition was thought out to include an educational piece. 

“Chickadees, in my humble opinion, are the timbits of the bird kingdom. They are sweet, round and incredibly resilient (do timbits ever go bad!?),” shares Pete. “By possessing super powers such as being able to change their body temperature 12 degrees and indicating the severity of threats by the number of “dees” in their calls, it’s hard to believe such super birds can be found almost everywhere in North America. And don’t get me started about how they should have won Canada’s national bird competition!”

Pete Moss a.k.a. Peter Demakos is an outdoor educator and forest school instructor at Evergreen Brick Works. In addition to outdoor education, Pete delivers workshops across Ontario on the importance of getting children outside. In 2019, Pete released the album Plants Rock, 12 songs about common plants that can be found across North America. Drawing inspiration from Raffi and Fred Penner, Pete’s playful folk-pop style and sophisticated song writing make this collection accessible to everyone.

Stay tuned for more news to come from Pete as he gears up to release the full album this Fall!