Toronto, ON – July 16, 2021 – Toronto-based musical artist and outdoor educator, Pete Moss, today released the second single, Bluebird, from his upcoming October 1 full-length release, Birds Rock. His follow up to the first single, Chickadee, Bluebird is a breezy strummy summery track featuring Picton, Ontario based singer / songwriter, Lisa Bozikovic. Listen to Bluebird here. Pete Moss shares the video, which puts on display the real-life relationship dichotomy that so many experience. Take a look here. Pete also unveils the rustic, cozy, ‘homey’ cover art for the album.
When asked about Bluebird, Pete comments, “This song is about two people who have stubbornly different tastes. In fact, their aesthetic tastes are so polarized one might wonder if they are actually just fond of contradicting each other! Fortunately for them (and for listeners!), common ground is finally found over the striking beauty of a bluebird.”

The video, which stars Pete and a rather dapper bear stuffy, poignantly depicts the song’s theme.
“Inspired by my favourite movie, the 1971 dark comedy classic, Harold & Maude, this video is about a bear who reminds someone of what it means to be human,” reflects Pete. “Despite all the distractions that accumulate in our lives, connecting to nature and making art and music are things that I believe reside in us all; and a little reminder from time to time can help us re-discover just that.”
True to their colours, the story of bluebirds is a reason to be hopeful. Until about 70 years ago, bluebirds were rampant across North America, inhabiting lands with hollow trees and tall grasses. With the expansion of agriculture and cities their numbers began to plummet, and conservationists started taking notice. Campaigns emerged to build human made bluebird houses and their numbers once again started to rise. It’s a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and show nature some reciprocity! They also like to snack on mosquitoes!
Pete Moss has been connecting children with nature for over a decade and his upcoming album is a tribute to the magic of neighbourhood birds. Pete Moss, a.k.a. Peter Demakos, is an outdoor educator and forest school instructor at Evergreen Brick Works. In addition to outdoor education, Pete delivers workshops across Ontario on the importance of getting children outside. In 2019, Pete released the album, Plants Rock, featuring 12 songs about common plants that can be found across North America. Drawing inspiration from Raffi and Fred Penner, Pete’s playful folk-pop style and sophisticated song writing make this collection accessible to everyone.
This album is for the birds! Stay tuned for more flock news!

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