Toronto, ON – February 7, 2020 – Today, multifaceted Toronto artist, producer and DJ, Paul Chin, announces his forthcoming project, Full Spectrum.Set for release on March 20, Paul introduces the album with Take It Or Leave It,  a fresh tune featuring CBC Searchlight winner, Desirée Dawson. The song was created from an unlikely meeting and evolved into friendship through collaboration, much like the album’s focus. Listen to Take It Or Leave It and pre-order the album here.

“Take It Or Leave It was started at a writing camp Desirée (Dawson), Natasha (Fisher) and I were all invited to, helmed by Babyface. It was the last day of the camp, and we were all assigned to what was effectively the ‘leftovers room’ at the studio, probably because we weren’t really seen as the “promising” pop songwriters among the cohort.  But recognising that we weren’t the favourites also kind of emboldened us to say “screw it; let’s forget about what’s trendy and just make a song that’s HONEST,” Paul says of the process.

“That session was the one session I had all week which felt like a collaboration in the truest sense; a piece of art that feels distinctly and identifiably like each of us and our artistic voices.  We got through the first verse and chorus that day, and Desirée and I wrote the rest of the song long-distance over the next year and a little bit.”

After a hiatus from releasing music since his 2015 project, Dancing Drums, Paul Chin returns with his farthest reaching and most sonically ambitious project to date. Full Spectrum is a 20-minute gaze into the musical fascinations and influences that have made him the artist he is today, with assists from an all-star cast of features. Chin deftly folds anime scores, dancehall, orchestral soul, hip-hop, and electronica into his sound, architecting a rich foundation for the likes of CBC Searchlight winner, Desirée Dawson, and Polaris Music Prize nominee, Shad, to deliver an effortlessly killer performances which confirm Paul's reputation as a captain of musical voyaging. The album was mixed and mastered by Toronto’s Freeza Chin.

Paul Chin is a Polaris Music Prize-nominated producer that has risen from a pedigree of classical training, to discovering bedroom production; then years of releasing music as a beatmaker's beatmaker; followed by almost a half-decade of inwardly-focused musical exploration, practice, and collaboration. The Toronto artist's return to the market – while easy to be apprehensive about – begins a new chapter marked by this joyous and confident reflection of his vast musical vocabulary, and adoration for the artform as an electronic artist.

“The last few years of being an observer and student of the music industry, without being as much of a participant or contributor, really made me aware of how much effort is being exerted – industry-wide – by the vast majority of artists, trying to fit into the narrowest lane,”Paul expands on the intention behind the project. 

“I wanted Full Spectrum to be about being fully and wholly myself, and a space where my friends and collaborators could be fully and wholly themselves too.  I’m a lover, student, and product of so many diverse musical traditions, and I no longer care that the vast majority of music consumers on streaming services don’t care for all of those traditions; I just want to reach the relative handful of people who do, and do right by them.  So much of the music that’s really resonated with me and stuck with me over the years has been stuff that’s niche, or specific, or even obscure – which doesn’t make it less good musically – but that stuff was incredibly important to me as a young man seeking validation in his formative years of musical identity, and I just want to make music that’s important to someone else that way.”

About Paul Chin
Paul Chin is a lifelong student, lover, and explorer of music, which manifests itself in his work as a music producer and DJ. Growing up in the Cayman Islands, importing influence and inspiration from any and everywhere was always ingrained in his sense of identity. Additionally, the ethos of DIY culture and resourcefulness exemplified by his Chinese-Jamaican immigrant parents are part of what drew him to the resilient philosophy of hip-hop while studying classical and jazz in school and private music lessons. 

Eventually, his robust musical foundation and scrappy work ethic would meet his insatiable appetite for new and exciting sounds, leading him toward beat-driven electronic music. Since permanently relocating to Toronto, Canada, Paul has embedded himself in the city’s creative fabric. Collaborating and performing alongside resident stalwarts such as Skratch Bastid, Harrison, Tanika Charles, and Shad has afforded him local ambassadorship on stages alongside the likes of Snakehips, Falcons, Toro Y Moi, and Shigeto. His releases all possess a gravitational centre of instrumental hip-hop, but draw his pursuits of jazz, gospel, IDM, disco, garage, dancehall, and anime scores into their orbit. Not content to emulate trendy aesthetics from any one genre, Paul continues to develop his sound, performance, and collaborative work from a diverse spectrum of artists.

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