Toronto, ON – March 17, 2021 – Today, Canadian soul-pop artist, Paris Pick, reveals her sophomore album, Hope For The Best, will be available on June 4 via Care Records. This album sees Paris build on her talents showcased on her 2018 debut album, Feeling Love, and features eight original tracks – all of which are written by Paris. The title track is out today, giving fans a taste of what’s to come on the rest of the record. Accompanying the single is the official video shot in Whitehorse, Yukon by local talented filmmakers, The Bullen Brothers. The video follows the tale of a downtrodden pizza delivery girl (Paris) and gives the audience a playful peek into each of her varied encounters with each customer. Watch the full video here and listen to the track on Spotify here.

“Hope for the Best is my new baby. As it comes out this summer, I'm going to nurture it as much as possible,” says Paris on the album. “I want the word to get out there, I want people to hear my new songs and be singing along blasting them in their cars as they do so. I really think the overall production is quite wonderful and the songs carry themselves. I hired some pretty incredible musicians to be part of this project and I get pretty excited when I hear them play. So I think you will as well, I'm feeling good about this one.”

Hope For The Best, is the type of song that anyone can relate to. The lyrics dive into recalling feelings of self-doubt, moments when you wonder if you are turning out to be the person you aspire to be, followed by the conclusion that all you can do is “Hope for the Best”. The track’s sound is optimistic like the title, putting out fun and groovy vibes with the instrumentals.

“I chose to release Hope for the Best as my debut single for a few reasons. Not only is it the title track of the record, but it's probably the most uplifting and fun! I figured 2020 was a gloomy year and my listeners (and myself) could use a pick-me-up as we launch into the new year.” shares Paris.

The inspiration for the music video was thought up by Paris and brought to life by The Bullen Brothers: “The Idea was drawn when one of Whitehorse's local music venues and pizza restaurants Epic Pizza officially closed in 2019. It was sad for our music community to see this golden nugget go under. It made me daydream ‘What would it be like to be a pizza delivery girl’ which was a job I thought I would always enjoy as I thoroughly love Pizza as well as being able to drive around and listen to music. I also asked myself ‘how rude are customers to pizza delivery people, or what kind of stuff do pizza delivery people walk-in on?’ and from that I started putting the music video together,” Paris explains. “Instantly I reached out to the Bullens and asked if they'd like to read my idea over and see if they were interested in helping the concept come to life.”

Shot in Whitehorse, Yukon the video follows Paris – starring as the pizza delivery girl – encountering all kinds of unexpected scenes when she makes her deliveries. She keeps a smile on her face throughout the whole shoot despite the treatment she receives and eventually, she is able to jet off to a party with all her friends in celebration. The video also features special guest appearances from "Yukon Famous" locals such as Yukon based poet, Peter Jickling, Manus Hopkins from local metal band, Animal Warfare Act and local funk band, Major Funk.

Tirelessly driven, Paris Pick has been busy building her musical empire in Whitehorse, Yukon since her arrival back in 2013. Since then, Paris has managed to carve a niche for herself within Canada’s music scene with her distinctive voice, bold sense of fashion, and individual brand of northern soul-pop music. She’s been hard at work on her second record, Hope for the Best, with producer, Jim Holland, at Green Needle Records in Whitehorse, Yukon – stay tuned for more to come from her as she gears up for the full release on June 4!

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