Toronto, ON – May 29, 2019 – Today, multifaceted BC-born, Toronto-based duo, Once A Tree, share their powerful new single and video, Worth. Premiering at Exclaim!, it’s a powerful, moving piece taking a stand against bullying. In a timely light, the video is inspired by the impact society, peers and social media have on self-image and perception. Watch Worth here.

“I was bullied throughout most of elementary and high school. Everyone has dealt with bullying to some extent growing up; but some advice given to me early on is that those who bully others are most often projecting their own insecurities to gain back some kind of power that they feel is missing in their life,” says Once A Tree’s Hayden Wolf.

The video for Worth was filmed in Southeastern British Columbia on Lower Kootenay Band Territory with First Nations Youth from Yaqan Nukiy School, with a strong intention around community present throughout. Jayli is Saulteau and Cree by blood belonging to the Saulteau First Nations community (Northeastern British Columbia - Treat 8 Territory). Because of the 60s Scoop, Jayli did not grow up in her Indigenous community. However, she had ties with many members of the Lower Kootenay Band growing up, where the music video for Worth takes place.

The narrative follows a young girl resembling a monster. She feels neglected at home, invisible on social media and bullied at school. The end of the video reveals that the girl isn’t really a monster – it’s simply a visual representation of the inner believe system she carries and has built from exterior judgments. Symbolic elements in the visuals include inner struggle and courage, compassion and understanding. 

"When Hayden and I first conceptualized the idea for this video we weren’t sure how we could pull it off on our own,” says Jayli Wolf. “Luckily, we didn’t have to. The community (Lower Kootenay Band) that I grew up near by came to the rescue, and helped us organize the whole thing. The students and staff at Yaqan Nukiy School made this project possible, and we are so grateful.”

Audiences are encouraged to participate in Worth’s social media campaign, as the track has its own signature blue monster emoji – you can download and share the graphic here.

Comprised of Jayli and Hayden Wolf, Once A Tree has been on an upwards trajectory since their 2018 single, Born For This. The duo recently penned The Canadian Premier Soccer League's anthem, We Are One. Jayli also pursues an acting career and recently wrapped up filming a lead role in Justin Hartley’s new feature film, The Exchange. With a title and sound reflective of their unique dynamic and creative hustle, listen to Born For This, which was featured in the National launch campaign of the Nissan KICKS. Watch the Nissan campaign featuring Jayli here.

Once A Tree’s roots are founded on a complimentary partnership. Born For This follows the group’s 2017 EP, Phoenix, which produced standout tracks, Fine, Coming Down and Breakdown, a raw, honest look at depression that brings awareness to mental health – the group also worked with the Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) Foundation’s Not Alone Campaign in British Columbia to help raise funds to build facilities across Canada to help youths suffering from mental illness.  Previously, Once A Tree released Thousand Lives, which includes Howling – an emotive track featuring a stunning video, directed and shot by Hayden and Jayli. The releases received major accolades and praise from outlets like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Complex, Clash and People Magazine.

Once A Tree is immersed in the creative process and aesthetic of their sound. With a background in photography and video, Hayden Wolf has applied his skills to create unique pieces from inception to completion, while Jayli, a seasoned actress, lends her talents both behind, and in front of, the lens.

With pop melodies, EDM beats and indie-folk inflections, Once A Tree’s sound is ever-evolving. On Thousand Lives, we saw Hayden at the production helm and Jayli on the mic, to Phoenix, where both explored vocals to create beautiful contrast, with heartfelt lyrics forged from their personal experiences.

Jayli and Hayden met while leaving the Jehovah’s Witness religion they were both raised in. Excommunicated by their community, they decided to use music as their voice. As they left their community and families, Jayli won a songwriting competition. The duo was flown to Toronto to shoot a music video to support the piece on one-way tickets. Arriving with two suitcases, and a guitar, they started fresh with fierce determination to pursue their dreams.

During this relocation, Hayden was accepted into The Remix Project after a chance meeting with Toronto founder, Gavin Sheppard, while shooting behind the scenes on the set of a Charles Officer film. Hayden met the late Gord Downie, who was also on site, and amid sharing his music with the iconic singer, Sheppard caught wind, and encouraged him apply for the program, where he was later able to hone his music production skills alongside a diversely talented creative community. Paired with Jayli’s powerful vocals, the two began to develop their sound, continuing to share their story with an authentic approach and fluid musicality.

Buy and Stream Worth: ffm.to/onceatree_worth
We Are One: smarturl.it/cplsoccer
Born For This: smarturl.it/born4this
Once A Tree On Spotify: spoti.fi/2xd6qpu

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