Toronto, ON – August 26, 2020 – BC-born, Toronto-based Indigenous electro-pop trailblazers, Once A Tree (led by Jayli and Hayden Wolf), return with an acoustic take of their introspective single, Rush, from their forthcoming EP, Fool’s Paradise, set to launch this fall. For the remix, they teamed up with Toronto artist, Boy Pape, who added a signature verse to compliment the meditative and reflective vibe of the song. Listen to Rush (Boy Pape Remix), arriving with a visualizer. Watch Once A Tree’s self-directed video for the original version here, which sees vocalist Jayli Wolf wandering the streets of Los Angeles, living in the moment.

On the rendition with Boy Pape, Once A Tree share, “We actually collaborated on this one over email and facetime during quarantine. We had been in LA and we were wanting to work with someone on a remix for the original record and our good friend Pape immediately popped into our heads. We had planned to get back to Toronto and jump in the studio with him and had this whole music video concept and everything. But then Covid-19 really started to hit North America. We weren't sure how crazy things might get. Our friends were telling us how they had zero toilet paper left and people pullin' guns in Loblaws, so we were like, ‘daamn we better head back to British Columbia where we are originally from and hide out in the maintains until things calms down.’ We spent a few months out there and worked with Pape from afar. Originally, we were going for a beefed-up remix version of the song and it was super fun but one day in the mountains, I was strumming this little guitar riff over the beat and it completely changed the energy of the song. It became very endearing and intimate. We sent the updated acoustic version to Pape and he was like THIS IS IT.” 

“I was in my studio in Toronto, Hayden had sent the email of the acoustic version through. He’s always sending updates on records we’re working on with small tweaks and changes so I assumed that email would be more of the same, so when I heard Jayli’s voice hit over the guitar instead of the initial instrumental, I stood up hella fast and spilled my ramen and it went on my phone but I didn’t even really care I was so hype,” Boy Pape adds. “It’s crazy to me the feeling of intimacy and proximity this one has, when for real we were on either sides of the country and the whole world was cancelled. My phone ended up working too so that’s cool.”

Known to fans and collaborators as a clever and diverse musician, Boy Pape expertly crafts songs that range from bouncy trap anthems to emotional, acoustic ballads - and everything in between. After navigating an upbringing in New York and Toronto, two years of school in Oklahoma, and a pivotal summer in LA, his musical career began with a series of underground rap singles including, No Names (prod. Rosko and Hudson Alexander) and Get It Like (prod. Francesco Yates). Following months of development with Francesco Yates (a close friend and collaborator), Pape made a surprise appearance during Yates’ opening performance at Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods tour stop in Toronto. Hayden Wolf is currently working with Pape on a forthcoming project.

Once A Tree is a Toronto-based Indigenous electronic music duo comprised of BC-born Hayden and Jayli Wolf. They are multidisciplinary artists that combine an array of skills, vision and DIY work ethic to blaze their own path. They released their debut album, Phoenix, in November 2017 (winning Best Electronic Album of the Year at the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards) and met while leaving the doomsday religion they were both raised in. Excommunicated by their community, they decided to use music as their voice. 

The duo began writing folk music in a small valley town near the Canadian Rockies. When Jayli won a songwriting competition, the two were flown to Toronto to shoot a music video. They arrived in the city with two suitcases and a guitar; looking for a fresh start and determined to pursue their dreams. After relocating to Toronto, Hayden was accepted into The Remix Project, where he was able to hone his music production skills. The two began to evolve their sound, infusing mellow beats with dream pop melodies.  To date, Once A Tree has released numerous singles received to critical acclaim, including  Whatever You Do KidWhat You Say,  RunWorth, Born For This, Coming Down and more. 

Learn more about Once A Tree below, and continue following them on their journey as they prepare to release their new EP, Fool’s Paradise, this fall.

About Jayli Wolf:
Raised in a doomsday cult. Forged in the wild. She lost everything and everyone for renouncing her childhood faith. That is when she discovered herself; began to heal through music; and started the work of reclaiming her indigenous heritage. Jayli Wolf is an Indigenous singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker based out of Toronto, Canada. She works to be a role model in her community, speaking to indigenous youth about the entertainment industry and empowering them to follow their dreams. She started creating music, producing, and directing film with her partner and collaborator Hayden Wolf to fully execute their vision for their band’s music videos. Their debut releases and self-directed videos had them featured on platforms like Rolling Stone, PEOPLE Magazine, MTV, Billboard, and Nylon; This followed with them winning Best Electronic Music Album at the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards for their debut album, Phoenix. She now begins on a new journey to tell more personal tales from her past, and stories of reclamation, with a debut solo project on the way. 

About Hayden Wolf:
Raised in a doomsday cult in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada - Hayden Wolf holds a unique perspective on life and philosophy. He is now a multi-faceted visual and sonic artist based out of Toronto. Over the recent years Wolf has lent his creative talents to Drake's clothing brand, October's Very Own - overseeing and executing their visual content creation.  He is known for his role in the Canadian electronic music duo Once A Tree, composed of himself and partner Jayli Wolf. Their self-directed music videos, records and stories have premiered and featured on platforms like Billboard, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, Nylon, and MTV.

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