Toronto, ON – July 8, 2020 – Today, Montreal trio, Le Couleur, unveil a new at-home performance for their latest single, Silenzio. The song is the third track from their forthcoming album, Concorde, out September 11 via Lisbon Lux Records, and follows a previously released set for Femme. Watch the group rock Silenzio in quarantine here

Silenzio is about "death on the prowl," depicted as a mafia betrayal that ends with "il bacio della morte" (the kiss of death). Life and death is a powerful duality, but try as hard as we might, there's no escaping the latter's inexorable victory. 

On the process of the live at-home series, Le Couleur shares, “We got ourselves an HD camera from the mid-2000s and did a home shoot.  Everyone, except Laurence, were filmed in Le Couleur's recording studio.   It took a week to record the whole thing because we did it one by one.  The longest 25-minute show ever! We had no choice but to have Charlie, (Laurence and Steeven's child) for the Laurence shoot - due to the fact that the daycare was closed.  She absolutely wanted to do everything her mum did (lie down, sing, play synthesizer, dance, etc…)."

Ariel Poupart,  who directed the cinematic visual for the album’s title track, Concorde, edited the video. For Concorde, Poupart connected the album’s title to its namesake aircraft as a symbol, reflecting this in the imagery. Watch the video, which has amassed over 125 K views, here.

"I wanted to pay tribute to this mythical plane Concorde, by bringing it as a love break-up...These are the last moments of the plane, which remembers its memories, its image, its exploits,” says Laurence Giroux-Do. “Like the last discussion when you breakup, you remember our good times, trying everything to save the relationship but it ends and the name of this lover remains in our history, in our memory.”

About Le Couleur
The Montreal trio, created by Laurence Giroux-Do (vocals), Patrick Gosselin (bass), and Steeven Chouinard (drums), and bolstered live by Philippe Beaudin (percussions) and Francis Do Monte (guitar, keyboards), delivers rich and irresistibly danceable performances. Concorde ushers in a new era for Le Couleur. After POP, an album defined by electronic and synthesized sounds, Concorde gets back to basics, recorded live in the studio, an album with a deliberately vintage sound, recalling the golden age of Serge Gainsbourg, ABBA, and even Fleetwood Mac. The term "electro" is no longer part of their pop sound vocabulary. Here, Le Couleur show a highly refined mastery of French chanson, with rich vocal harmonies, while making room for melancholy, sensual, and sometimes epic instrumental passages.

The distinct disco flavour, a hallmark of their sound from the very beginning, is still ever-present. This often lighthearted and danceable musical world is offset by Concorde's lyrics, which tackle death on every track. Whether it's a macabre fantasy based on the infamous Concorde airplane crash, collective suicide, or the Day of the Dead, singer Laurence Giroux-Do turns the taboo subject into crooning pop hymns, treated with perspective over a fleet-footed beat. Concorde is the place where 70s pop, psychedelic soundscapes, and straightforward and uninhibited French chanson come together.

Stay tuned for more from Le Couleur, as more music will be released soon.

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