Toronto, ON – July 30, 2021 – Today, Vancouver, BC and London, UK singer-songwriter, Mauvey, shares the vibrant visual for his latest single, 9. While gifting flowers might be a common gesture to show someone you care, Mauvey intricately picks each petal to create a universal narrative around what it means to be in love. 

Listen to 9/Helium here. Watch the video here.

On 9, Mauvey says: "I feel like I was unconscious when I wrote 9 earlier this year. In a lot of ways, it’s been written for years. It’s all my love stories woven into one story. If you’ve ever been in love, you might find some of your love story hidden somewhere in 9."

With scenes adorned in Mauvey’s signature hue – mauve – he travels through a stunning BC landscape, cycling and driving between wide open roads to soaring above the clouds. The video was produced by Amazing Factory and co-directed by Mauvey and Amazing Factory.

While Mauvey has been releasing an array of singles that will be a part of a digital album due out later this year, 9 is the first installment of The Florist, a multi-part film series following five characters connected by interesting and serendipitous circumstances. In part one, 'Henry' (the Florist) is introduced along with 'Mauveylocks' (the Clown) and 'Marv' (the Clown's Driver). Henry is a dreamer that delivers flowers to a beautiful property and is knocked off his feet when a mystery subject opens the door. Mauveylocks has been invited to a party at the property. In part one, we see the Clown and the Driver arrive and leave the property. As the screen fades, viewers will have to wait for part two to see what happens next. 

“The Florist is my directorial debut, and to do it with a team as talented and as accomplished as Amazing Factory is something special,” Mauvey says of the process. “It has been surreal to go from an idea in my head to treatments sent over email to the first day on set. I honestly couldn't be more excited for the world to see the story unfold. To know that it all connects, all the way to the album is what is magic. My favourite part is knowing the whole story, knowing how it all ends, having my time with that before everyone else knows.” 

Mauvey unveiled an engaging video series leading up to the single release of 9 called 9 Days of Flowers, where he delivers flowers to fans, community members, and friends to share acts of compassion, care and kindness – watch these videos here, where the song’s chords flow as an instrumental soundtrack. The caption is as simple and powerful as the action: ‘I LOVE YOU. PASS IT ON.’ 

Mauvey’s next double single, Sunday Afternoon/I Get It, arrives Friday, August 6. Pre-save it here.

About Mauvey: 
Born in Ghana, West Africa, and raised between the U.K. and Vancouver, Canada, artist and songwriter, Mauvey, filters his unique batch of alternative pop music with hip hop, R&B/soul always alongside his message: Love. “My message will always be Love” says Mauvey, who has designed his projects to distribute Love through the creative narratives of intentional songwriting, intelligent melody, and hypnotic beat.

Mauvey has been influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Oumou Sangaré, Prince, Childish Gambino, Labrinth, NAO, The Weeknd, and Andre 3000, as he goes on to state: "I am inspired by artists who made contributions so significant that they or their music will never be forgotten."

A passionate Mauvey says, "If my entire music career is a giant book about the rigours of Love, the ups, the downs, the highs and the complicated lows, I'd have done my job of distributing Love", he goes on to say, "I want to be clear about what I'm talking, singing and rapping about - no games - I don't know everything, but I know that Love is everything, there's no better subject.”

In Summer 2020, Mauvey was awarded by the MOBO Help Musicians Fund. Mauvey has also been well supported by Huw Stephens’ BBC Music Introducing on Radio 1, including being Mercury Prize nominee Georgia’s ‘pick’. As well, Mauvey has gained backing from Jamz Supernova on Selector Radio (British Arts Council), after partnering up with W SongsWarner Music UK’s publishing subsidiary.

Notion Magazine says, “The singer-rapper-songwriter is a breath of fresh air with his unforgettable authenticity projected in his music.”

Mauvey's powerful lyrical content is unashamed, he isn't perfect, and he's not trying to be. Love is his mission, not just words in songs. The themes are not always black and white, at times, they’re a bit Mauvey.

Stay connected with Mauvey as he paints his sonic journey with more music this year. 

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