“Toronto indie rock group Long Range Hustle have a strange ability to create arena sized rock anthems that sneak up on you. Their new single “Comeback Kid” is a blast of anthemic alternative rock in tune with Manchester Orchestra, Young the Giant, and Glorious Sons, and marks an exciting shift from their earlier indie folk stylings.” – Dusty Organ

Toronto, ON – March 10, 2021 – Long Range Hustle are not afraid of a long-distance relationship. In the summer of 2020, the Toronto indie-rock quintet were testing bandwidth and upload speed while proclaiming ‘full steam ahead’ on making their follow up album to 2018’s Town. The band headed to The Bathouse Studio outside Kingston, ON, with veteran producer, Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Wintersleep, Snow Patrol), cyber-producing the album from his home base in Scotland.  On February 26, the band released Comeback Kid, the first single from their forthcoming album via New York-based indie label, AntiFragile Music (ROW ex-Canada) / self-released in Canada. Today, they follow up with the official video. Inspired by the real-world competitive sport of chess boxing and filmed at Grand Canyon Studios in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, the video depicts a young woman’s fight to survive, her strength and grit. Watch the full video here.

“This new music video shows us that as long as your motivations are external, as long as you’re fighting for the audience in the shadows and not for yourself, you will always get beat down. It is only when external gaze is finally gone that you have a real shot at winning the fight,” explains Brogee (co-lead vocals, guitars, violin).

Produced by Kellie Hogan and Jack Hawley, the video follows a young fighter into a boxing studio where she encounters her ominous opponent, readying for a chess match and brawl. As the chorus builds the camera cuts sharply and artistically between the two as they make moves on the board. Then suddenly, they’re throwing punches, fighting to stay standing, until the young fighter realizes she’s at a loss and hits the floor. Digging deep, she finds the fire inside to pull off an incredible comeback. It’s an energetic and engaging watch that will keep an audience glued to the screen.

“We’re so excited to be working with Kellie and Jack on this video,” shares Brogee. “They took the dark, turbulent sound of Comeback Kid, and seamlessly translated it into a striking, cinematic visual form. Whether in the boxing ring or on the chess board, the drive and desperation they captured is tangible.”

The folk components Long Range Hustle fans have known the band for take a breather on this track, making room for a darker, more electric guitar driven vibe. Each of the five members of the band contributed to the writing of this powerful track which explores the theme of letting someone down when they need you the most.

Brogee says of the track, “What I love about this recording is the way it sneaks up on you. There’s no big drop, no obvious rock-and-roll production tricks, no section of the song that repeats the same way twice. But after three-and-a-half minutes you realize you can’t remember when you slammed your foot on the gas pedal of your car, trying to keep up with the frenetic anxious energy.”

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