Toronto, ON – February 11, 2020 – Today, JUNO-nominated Toronto artist,STORRY,releases a raw and honest visual for her latest single, Money Ain’t Free. Confidently quipped as a “Motown record without the innocence,” the song reflects on STORRY’s real-life experience of returning to work as a stripper to finance her art. Watch Money Ain’t Free here.


The video was written, directed and co-produced by Montreal-born, Toronto-based director, Karimah Zakia Issa.Karimah was struck by STORRY’s experiences and how she had to create several personas to get through one day – thus recreating it thorough the visual. It moves through STORRY discovering she has no moneyleft in her bank account, to scenes of her confronting her mother, re-packing her dance clothing, to burying one of her identities (literally) before it comes back to life. Memories and moments flash through each frame, representing all-in-a-day’s work, and its emotions. 


“I needed to strip to make money to pay for the music so that I wouldn’t have to strip anymore,” STORRY says.“I remember people saying I just wanted the easy money. But let me tell you, there was nothing easy about being an exotic dancer, going back to an industry that had caused me a lot of trauma. My entire life, to this day, I wear mostly hand me down, second-hand clothes, I don't buy name brand items, nor do I go to fancy hotels or drive a fancy car. I'm practical and thrifty. Anyone who knows me knows that. But money isn't free, and I have this dream career that I'm pursuing.”

Money Ain’t Freeis one of the many STORIES from STORRY’s forthcoming album, CH III: The Come Up,a project based on her own journey; a woman exiting the sex industry to enter the music industry, only to discover that both are equally misogynistic and problematic. With roots in the opera world, yet expansion into all styles (notable local collaborations include Junia-T and Rich Kidd), STORRY’s live set is always one for the books. You can catch two album release shows; the first on February 20 at Toronto’s iconic Lula Lounge (find more info here) followed by a show in Montreal at Bar Le Ritz PDB. 

Following the album launch, STORRY will hit the road for a US tour with stops in Boston, two shows in New York City, Washington, DC, Indianapolis, Chicago and Detroit. See below for all dates with venues to be announced.

In March, STORRY will be heading to Saskatoon for the 2020 JUNO Awards, where she is nominated for Reggae Recording of the Year for Another Man, featured on prolific Jamaican production duo Sly & Robbie’s Pocketbook Riddim project. Listen to the song here.

Money Ain’t Free followsSTORRY’s previous singleA Lost Find. It arrived with a video self-directed, edited and produced by STORRY and creative partner, Tom Baum. STORRY recorded the demo for the song in her basement in one take without edits. Because they loved the track so much, they decided to film the visual with zero budget on a whim. Watch the video here.

CHIII: The Come Up is based on STORRY’s life. She grapples with her relationships with her mother/family, romantic relationships, with her careers, dreams and with money. 
STORRY does not live in any specific genre. Like her music, STORRY is multi-dimensional and fluid. She pulls influences from hip hop to opera, reggae to musical theatre. She is an oxymoron and has equal amounts of grit and poise. The album was written with the intent to take the listener on a journey, focusing more on the storrytelling. And her shows are an experience that takes you through peaks and valleys of emotions, a ride with tears, excitement and laughter. That is why STORRY refuses to be boxed into one style of writing, being, branding, medium or avenue of creation. She wants to show that sex-workers, strippers, women, ALL people, are multi-dimensional and cannot be judged or defined on the surface.

STORRY is a JUNO-nominated, seasoned artist trained in classical music who performs Mozart arias with as much confidence as hip hop, R&B, and gospel. Fierce and multifaceted, she writes and produces all her music. STORRY's voice quality is second to none, and she uses and enhances her incredible sonorous gifts with prophecies witty, raw, and life-changing. She preaches from experience. Lots of it. Her songs offer an honest portrait of life as a woman: it's an image everybody can recognize, even if they don't want to. Her poetic and musical creativity is unapologetic and fearless. In releasing her music, STORRY is leaving the shadows and showing us the result of decades of artistic work.

STORRY released her debut single,  Leave My Heart Behind, on May 31, 2019 to critical acclaim. Music Crowns called it "a new chapter in music," that her vocals "must be heard to be believed," and that "STORRY, with her on-point delivery and shattering vocals, will be the next big name in music." A&R Factory said that "STORRY has the style, talent and soul to ensure that her sound stands out with absolute distinction." Montreal Rampage said that "she can belt it out like nobody’s business, hitting the high notes with crystalline precision and driving it all home with intense passion and heart-wrenching honesty." A promising start; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  STORRY writes and produces her music, and is intrinsically involved in all aspects of her career from designing album covers to producing music videos. Her art is authentic to the max, and her raw talent is mind boggling. If it doesn't touch you, it will hit you in the face.

STORRY released three more singles to date: House & a Range a tribute to her mom, You Don’t Know Me (Nah Nah) a funky summer bop. She also released Another Man which was produced by reggae royalty, Sly & Robbie,and featured on their album, Pocket Book Riddim. STORRY has recently dabbled in film, and her proudest accomplishment so far is her Claymation short, Up, which has been selected to screen at seven international film festivals (and counting), including the Rome International Film Festival and the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival. Up will make its Toronto debut at the Toronto Short Film Festival, screening at Carleton Cinema on Thursday, March 19. It was nominated for Best Animation and Best Narrative at the Austin Music Video Festival, and won the award for Best Editing at the Montreal International Wreath Film Festival. The film, which was shot over four months out of her mom's basement, will be released to the public in March 2020. STORRY has performed across North America. If you're taken by her recordings, be prepared to be dazzled by her live show because this phenomenon cannot be captured on tape.

Canadian Tour Dates:

February 20 – Album Launch at Lula Lounge – Toronto, ON – Info & Tickets

February 22 – Bar Le Ritz PDB – Montreal, QC – Info & Tickets

March 19 – Up Film Screening at Carleton Cinema – Toronto, ON


US Tour Dates – Venues TBA:

February 28 – Boston, MA 

February 29 – New York, NY

March 1 – New York, NY

March 3 – Washington, DC

March 5 – Indianapolis, IN

March 6 – Chicago, IL

March 7 – Chicago,IL

March 8 – Detroit,MI

Canadian Tour Dates:

February 20 – Album Launch at Lula Lounge – Toronto, ON – Info & Tickets

February 22 – Bar Le Ritz PDB – Montreal, QC – Info & Tickets

March 19 – Up Film Screening at Carleton Cinema – Toronto, ON

US Tour Dates – Venues TBA:

February 28 – Boston, MA 

February 29 – New York, NY

March 1 – New York, NY

March 3 – Washington, DC

March 5 – Indianapolis, IN

March 6 – Chicago, IL

March 7 – Chicago,IL

March 8 – Detroit,MI

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