Toronto, ON – November 16, 2017 – Pianist/composer Julie Thériault presents Subduction, a recording consisting of captivating instrumental pieces that inspire the soul to conjure its own imagery. This is the composer’s second album, the first being Ablaze, released with a project called Julie and the Wolf in 2015.

A seasoned musician and an accomplished painter (one of her paintings graces the album’s cover), Thériault composes and plays the piano in the same manner she paints; playing with shade and light to create contrasts, tracing the complexities of the human spirit.

Taken from oceanography terminology, Subduction refers to something slow, yet irreversible. “To me, this term evokes deep forces from within, a notion that is at the heart of my compositions as well as my artistic approach,” Thériault explains.

Drawing inspiration from Russian and French composers – think Satie for the minimalism and Debussy for the touches of impressionism – some of the composer’s songs on this record unfold slowly and gently; others, with power and range. The piano is both subtle and expressive.

From the dark and sumptuous, Spleen, to the dizzying crescendo of Magma, the pieces are powerfully evocative, submerging the listener in a universe rich with emotions and loaded with atmospheres. The music tirelessly blazes its own trail and blossoms serenely, one bar after another.

Particular attention has been paid to Thériault’s arrangements. A choir of 20 male voices emits an aura of solemn mystery on certain pieces, while the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra’s 28 musician string ensemble brings warmth and momentum to several others. Armenian violin virtuoso Nuné Melik also produces magnificent tones on Etna and Vlast thanks to her precious Landofi.

Subduction was created with the participation of Michel Bélanger as artistic director. The recording was produced and mixed by Julie Thériault and Claude Champagne.