TORONTO, ON – April 8, 2022 – Spring brings an exploration of artists and eras, and the launch of Coverama,  a compilation of creative, fun and innovative renditions of classic pop and indie rock songs, as it nears a May 20 release via Popguru Sound & Vision's boutique label, The Confidence Emperors. Today, roster member, Juliana Eye, shares a stellar cover of Blondie's Dreaming. The self-produced rendition captures Juliana's admiration for the icon, while applying her own unique flair; in contrast to the original's upbeat, new wave feel, this version is downtempo, super lush and - living up to its title - dreamy. Listen to Dreaming and watch the video, directed by Jason Cipparrone,  here.

"I tried to imagine what it would sound like if you were dozing off into a daydream, and pictured a very euphoric / head-in-the-clouds feeling, especially in the hook," Juliana says. “Dreaming is one of my favourite Blondie songs and I’ve always wanted to cover it. My version takes some of the new wave elements of the original, but slows it down and gives the track a very lush & dreamy treatment (lots of pad synths and spacey guitars). I also really connect with the idea of ‘dreaming is free’ as a reminder that our imaginations are boundless and we have a built-in space to go to whenever we want to escape reality.”

Dreaming marks Juliana's second release, having shared her debut single, U SUCK, in 2021, and is working on new music to be released this year. Most of the track was recorded in Juliana's home studio except for vocals (recorded at Revolution Recording). The song was mixed by Mike Schlosser and mastered by Joao Carvalho. As a big fan of Blondie for a long time, this is something Juliana and Popguru Founder, Graham Stairs have in common, so it was a natural fit.

While Coverama will see its release on May 20, celebrations will follow the next day (Saturday, May 21) at The Drake Underground in TorontoJohn Orpheus, Alex Exists, Sam Casey, Ghost Caravan, TANDM, and Juliana Eye will take to the stage to share their  eclectic renditions with live energy. Find all info and tickets here.

Under The Cover - what inspired the track:
Juliana used to play this song (as well as Heart of Glass) as a transition track during open mic performances and solo acoustic sets. Juliana would typically play it very slow and repeat the hook over and over, which she believes  subconsciously made its way into this version. When initially discussing songs to cover for this project, Graham shared a story with Juliana that his first band (Popular Spies) opened for Gary Valentine’s band (The Look) at the Hurrah Club in NYC, and hung out with a few members of Blondie after the show.

In the Coverama track sequence  Dreaming follows the rambunctious reimagination of David Essex's  classic, Rock On, by Alex Exists - an incredible artist, producer and songwriter based in Toronto.  Listen to Rock On and watch the video here. Coverama kicked off with John Orpheus' cover of Radiohead's iconic House Of CardsJohn worked with longtime collaborator and producer, Mike Schlosser, to  deliver a danceable, soulful take layered by graceful harmonies, soulful choruses and verses with his signature Caribbean flair. It is accompanied by a stunning video highlighting couples of all identities, depicting grace and strength in vulnerability - check it out here.  

The songs on Coverama include interpretations by Toronto artist/producer, Alex Exists; UK-based pop singer-songwriter, Chloe KayWill Whitwham (leader of The Wilderness of Manitoba), Ghost Caravan, Canadian icons Martha and the Muffins,  artist/producer Juliana Eye, indie pop duo, TANDM, and new signing, Sam Casey. Stay tuned for more music as the roster rolls into its grand release in May. 

About Juliana Eye
JULIANA EYE is an alt-pop artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Toronto. Her obsession with pop melodies, 90s & early-00s guitar tones, paired with her mesmerizing voice has given EYE’s sound a unique blend of nostalgia and melancholy. Her latest single, “Dreaming” is a lush and evocative rendition of the 1970’s Blondie hit; fusing subtle hints of new wave synth textures, dreamy guitars, and alluring vocals.
Born and raised in the Toronto suburb of North York, JULIANA took to music obsessively at the early age of thirteen as an act of teenage rebellion and an outlet for finding herself. She spent the majority of her adolescence playing guitar and writing songs in her bedroom, jamming in basements with her friends’ obscure bands, and venturing to downtown clubs to watch local artists perform. While attending University for art & graphic design, EYE toured and recorded with indie-rock band, The Ruby Spirit, as a backup vocalist and self-taught keyboard player. JULIANA has since pursued a career as a live support musician and performed with a number of artists including CARYS (Warner Music/Atlantic Records), Juno-nominated AMAAL (Universal Canada), and LØLØ (APG) to name a few. 

JULIANA EYE will be releasing more singles this year as well as an EP in late 2022.

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About Popguru Sound & Vision:
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Prior to starting his own company, Stairs was a partner in Intrepid management and did A&R for Intrepid Records, Latitude Records and EMI Music Canada. He was involved with such seminal Canadian artists as Martha and the Muffins, the Rheostatics, National Velvet, Chalk Circle, Damhnait Doyle and Sandbox. He was also behind the soundtrack album for the film, Highway 61, and the Bruce Cockburn tribute album that gave the Barenaked Ladies their first national hit with Lovers In A Dangerous Time. To this day, it is still one of the most played songs on Canadian radio. More recently, Stairs did A&R for True North Records where he signed Catherine MacLellan, Hunter Valentine and Australian band, the Audreys. 

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