“The track highlights colorful soundscapes of bold synths, piercing piano and bright drums. Through the playful instrumentation that pairs perfectly with their clever lyricism, they create a joyful listen. It is sure to have your head-bobbing.”EARMILK

“Ego is stellar, point-blank. Any fans of the alt-pop genre are going to eat this up! It takes all the best of what’s so intriguing about this modern take on the genre, while always giving this unique twist that makes it clear it’s a daysormay song.” Honey Pop

“It has an emotional build in a parting verse that is raw, a powerful passage that weights passion as declared violence – existence, mortality and our perceived failure/success. Gasoline soaked and on the verge of being lit with a match, “Ego” can’t find the right temperament or direction. Fortunately, the band is in a polar opposite position.” – The Permanent Rain Press

Toronto, ON – June 2, 2021 – Today, rising Vancouver, BC-based trio, daysormay, explore the many aspects of self through the creative process with new single, Ego. The song arrives with announcement of the band’s forthcoming album, Just Existing, set for release October 6, 2021 (independent in Canada, and TAG Music rest of world).

Listen to Ego and watch the video here.

“Ego started as a songwriting exercise. I was trying to see if I could write in different voices, as different characters. My goal was to be as un-Aidan as possible. Just to see what I would get. I n the summer of 2018 I was working a job where I was able to listen to music all day. So, I was absorbing a lot of new styles, and I was listening to a lot of podcasts about songwriting. Carson had sent me a couple beats he had been working on,” says lead vocalist Aidan Andrews.

“We toured and tested it a lot before getting in the studio with Steve Bays to do the final version in August 2019. I felt super lucky with this one because we were able to go right from touring into recording. So, all of the habits and tricks we had picked up from playing the song every night were still fresh in our minds. I feel like it brought another level of energy to it that might not have been there otherwise.” 

The visual for Ego was filmed by Christian Lai and Titouan Fournier, and co-directed by Lai, Fournier, and daysormay, with Colourist Ryan Schroeder from Transposition Films and Gaffer, Slatie Chu. The origins of the visual were drawn from the idea of filming in a rage room, as the whole video was initially built around the band smashing items within unique vignettes rather than a narrative-driven piece. In daysormay’s signature hue, the blue baseball bat that Aidan uses to smash the speakers in the beginning was flimsier than expected – the speaker won that game.

Ego follows The Trend, a track released in April highlighting their innovative songwriting and production process, with a video that captures the contrast between the noise of touring and the stillness of arriving home, offering a sense of reflection through the spaces in between. Watch The Trend here and listen to the song here. The video – as with everything daysormay create – was produced in their signature DIY style, filmed entirely on iPhone 11 Pro across the lush landscape of Vancouver, BC. It was produced by fbnki, who was previously at the helm for Holding My Tongue and Running.

daysormay have been steadily sharing new sights and sounds that will appear on the project in a reflective manner, including Everything Is Changing. In 2020, the band released the powerful anthem, Holding My Tongue, and summer 2020 songs, Role Model featuring Tessa Violet, and Running.

On the album, daysormay says:

Just Existing has been a long time coming. Some of these songs have been around for 2+ years, while the others are brand new. It's been a crazy process of stitching it all together, we've never approached an album like this before, it feels new. I hope it can reach new listeners while also showing our current listeners a wider picture of who we are and what we've been doing over the past few years. We think of it as our debut. It feels like a beginning.

We recorded the vast majority of the new stuff with Canadian legend Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat, Mounties, Fur Trade, and Left Field Messiah. He’s also produced for groups like Fitz and The Tantrums and collaborated with Diplo and Steve Aoki. We started with him way back in August of 2018 and it’s been a very important creative relationship for all of the singles and the upcoming album. We recorded sporadically with him throughout the past 3 years and it’s always been an eye opening experience and has given us the confidence to produce and record some of the songs on our own as well.”

Learn about daysormay in their bio and stay tuned for more.

daysormay is:
Aidan Andrews (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Ukulele)
Nolan Bassett (Bass/Vocals/Trumpet)
Carson Bassett (Drums/Percussion)